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  1. Eigenmusic

    Fermistat: Bastard of Fermentation Chamber

    (a) As a fellow DIY electronics enthusiast and a victim of OCD, your living space both frightens and makes me jealous. :D (b) Why isn't your infrared camera remote-controlled? You shouldn't have to position it by hand once your baby is chilling in there! (c) Awesome job, overall; makes my...
  2. Eigenmusic

    An interesting thermocouple/filtering phenomenon

    Would be nice to see some graphs (formal or not!) of the readings before and after the filtering. :D
  3. Eigenmusic

    I can't believe I finally won something

    So, how much did you spend at Wendy's? :P
  4. Eigenmusic

    Is my LHBS Rep on Crack?

    Am /really/ I the first person here to assume that the LHBS guy thought you were talkigna bout the KITS themselves, not the finished product?!?! Seriously, I admit it would be crazy to think that a homebrew would be "bad' after no more than a few months (the fact that the yeast are in the...
  5. Eigenmusic

    So how many of you are im a alcoholics?

    Don't you mean... "inner space"?... /me makes a "woah..."-type whooshing sound.
  6. Eigenmusic

    So how many of you are im a alcoholics?

    Sir, I have tried your suggestion and it landed me some confusing remarks from my neighbors. One is currently cleaning himself off in my bathroom as I type this. BEST. ADVICE. EVAR. alternate reaction: "Great, now I need to go clean off my temperature controller."
  7. Eigenmusic

    Brown Sugar for priming in a Christmas Ale

    I used demerara sugar to prime my Tripel. Ruined it. Tasted like liquid gold prior to bottling, but now it tastes borderline-undesireable. I'll give it time, but the change was so drastic, I'm almost certain that it was the cause of the problem. I do not suggest demerara/turbinado sugar...
  8. Eigenmusic

    Busted the brewing cherry!!

    After a few IPAs, that's not necessarilly a good thing! >.<
  9. Eigenmusic

    I have 10 gallons of **** beer.

    Haha, I sure hope you meant a final sg of 1.008, not 1.080. O-O
  10. Eigenmusic

    Did light destroy my beer in glass carboy?

    The higher the IBUs (therefore, concentration of alpha acids, which are the chemicals in the beer that go bad ith exposure to sunlight), the worse the damage. AB clones are up there in IBUs, but it doesn't sound like the light level caused too much harm; it is the bottle conditioning time that...
  11. Eigenmusic

    Padre Island Brewing Company

    Hah, I work at a restaurant just across the street from Padre Island Brewing Company. I keep wanting to go over there and see about pestering the brewmaster to tack some grain on an order for me, but never get around to it. Still have never actually been inside the place; I'm just a poor...
  12. Eigenmusic

    Does filtering brew water have impact on profile?

    I use water and make sure a do a 15-30 minute acid rest at 99F~108F. So far, there has been nothing unusual about my brews that couldn't be explained by stupid mistakes [old/not enough hops made my hefe taste like a BMC (also overcarbed), demerara sugar for...
  13. Eigenmusic

    Friggin' Bees!

    Not contructive here, but I thought of this when reading this post (NSFW, language): DUMP BEES!
  14. Eigenmusic

    Beef and Mushroom Stew with fruity Tripel base?

    Meh, I chickened out and used the porter instead. Came out delicious.
  15. Eigenmusic

    Beef and Mushroom Stew with fruity Tripel base?

    I'm planning to make a relatively simple beef and mushroom (shiitake and portabello) stew tomorrow, with some other veggies I have on hand and such. I also have a few bottles more than a case of 22s of my first tripel, which has, so far, seemed too fruity for my tastes (it was in the upper...
  16. Eigenmusic

    Brewing and Boots

    I own boots, but, then again, I was born and raised in Texas. :P They currently sit in a box with lots of other things that I do not use and have not used in quite a while. -.-
  17. Eigenmusic

    Marking bottles

    I reuse glass bottles with new caps, and keep track of batches by number and simply write that number on the cap with a sharpie. Underline 6s and 9s.
  18. Eigenmusic

    Bumping the ABV on a recipe

    I keep around a few pounds of home-malted grains that I have been adding a pound to every batch I've made so far; I'm too afraid to try a SMaSH with it. ;/ I guess it also helps suppress that feeling I get that my efficiency is too low. :P
  19. Eigenmusic

    Names of some horrible movies needed

    Damn, I saw this thread title, and that was my immediate suggestion. >.<
  20. Eigenmusic

    DFH Palo Santo Marron (I do not need to be aroused)

    I assume you mean this series? Gonna watch now.