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  1. jakenbacon

    New post a picture of your pint

    Kolsch a few days out but carbonated....
  2. jakenbacon

    BrewDog Brewing releases entire recipe catalog

    That is pretty neat. Too bad I have never had a beer I enjoyed from them. Although I live in AZ so I can't imagine its a very nice trip for the beer...
  3. jakenbacon

    Czech Premium Pale Lager Bohemian Pilsner (Silver Medalist)

    The only thing I changed was yeast, and I used WLP830. Other than that, I won't change a thing next time I brew it again. Good luck!
  4. jakenbacon

    Czech Premium Pale Lager Bohemian Pilsner (Silver Medalist)

    Beer came out great. Thanks for the recipe OP!
  5. jakenbacon

    Increase in Volume When Grain is Added?

    Yessir I think you nailed it.
  6. jakenbacon

    Increase in Volume When Grain is Added?

    whoops sorry got your question all wrong. nothing new there though I guess...
  7. jakenbacon

    Increase in Volume When Grain is Added?

    So basically you are trying to determine grain absorption numbers right? I have heard anywhere from 1/10 of a gallon of water per pound of grain up to 1/5 of a gallon per pound of grain. I tend to follow the 1/5 of a gallon of water to 1 pound of grain. So, for me, if I am doing a 5 gallom...
  8. jakenbacon

    fermentation times

    Typical for me is 12 days primary/ 2 days cold crash is same vessel/ rack to keg and force carb for 24 hours/ drink that b***h.....
  9. jakenbacon

    I'm Back!

    So much mug bumping action I couldn't help myself...... :mug:
  10. jakenbacon

    I'm Back!

  11. jakenbacon

    I'm Back!

    Lol totally kidding with ya brotha :mug: Welcome back to the forum! And no, I don't know you.... I just felt compelled to give you s**t for absolutely no reason!!!!! Cheers!!!!! :mug:
  12. jakenbacon

    Co2 tank way lower today but i cant seem to find the leak

    Ya, will notice a significant drop in pressure if you went from ambient temp to serving temp.... Is that the case or did it happen in the kegerator?
  13. jakenbacon

    I'm Back!

    Oh Jesus I am canceling my membership now....
  14. jakenbacon

    The Kiss of Death

    Geez Owly, could you please stop brewing? You are F'n things up for all of us here.... I mean, show some respect A hole.....
  15. jakenbacon

    Force carbing by the book but still flat

    Agreed...... You need to bump up that pressure, cool the keg, and shake the s**t out of it for a minute or two..... You will have carbonated beer in 24 hours.....
  16. jakenbacon

    Thermoelectric fermentor temp control

    I agree that the simplicity of this type of cooling is awesome. I have attached some pics of my setup. Like I stated before, I got this fridge not working, and for free, and when it was plugged in, nothing would happen. So I started at the power source. These particular fridges have like a...
  17. jakenbacon

    IPA Oxidation issues

    I used to have the same issue man, and you are right, oxidation is a beezy in IPA's. Literally didn't have my first awesome IPA until I started kegging.... Purging is a must....
  18. jakenbacon

    Pumpkin in a Porter This is well received here on the forum. Give it a try or steal a few techniques to help ya.... EDIT: Sorry I guess that doesn't really address the porter part... In the book "Extreme Brewing" there is a good pumpkin porter recipe. Google it...
  19. jakenbacon


    actually opposite brotha :( your OG should be higher without the water...
  20. jakenbacon

    Thermoelectric fermentor temp control

    Ya, they are used here and there throughout brewing. I have a nucool fridge that I scored for free because it wasn't working, and it uses two peltier cooling cells. You are right, that if you build your own (heatsinks, power supply, fans, and cells) the cost probably wouldn't be worth it. But...