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  1. telebrewer

    How much tea?

    I've been using 9 bags. I saw a recipe only using 4 How many do most of you use per gallon. Thanks
  2. telebrewer

    First bad batch in 10 years

    Maybe my SCOBY hotel didn't get kept clean enough. I don't know. Sicker than a dog. Twice. My question is, can I rinse off my best looking SCOBY and add a tablespoon of vinegar to my next brew? I don't have any good starter tea. Thanks for any help/ideas
  3. telebrewer

    Earl Grey black tea

    Can I use it for Kombucha? I'm in remote Mexico and ran out of organic black tea. All I have is Earl Grey. Thanks.
  4. telebrewer

    Using kombucha for starter tea

    Lots of good info, thanks.
  5. telebrewer

    Using kombucha for starter tea

    I do 3 gallons at a time and store the starter tea with the mothers. The longer time between brews it seems the mothers suck up the starter tea and I end up short. Can I use some of my kombucha as a starter? It's mildly flavored with blueberries and ginger. Thanks.
  6. telebrewer

    Least toxic sanitizer?

    Just read the label of Iodophor and was surprised how toxic it is. Does anyone know of the lease toxic sanitizer product out there? Thanks.
  7. telebrewer

    Dry hopping and cold crash

    After you dry hop, how soon do you cold crash? Looking for opinions. I usually dry hop for 2-3 days, then cold crash for 2. Thanks.
  8. telebrewer

    Dry hop Chinook?

    I went with Chinook/ Citra. Half and half. Kegged it last night, now force carbing it. So far so good on the samples.
  9. telebrewer

    Dry hop Chinook?

    Anyone ever used Chinook for dry hopping? How did it come out? I've got some to use up. Thanks.
  10. telebrewer

    Glyphosate Free Beer / Grains

    Propaganda from a pro GMO website, several years old. Just keep believing the poisons they spray on our foods aren't harmful. I'm done.
  11. telebrewer

    Glyphosate Free Beer / Grains

    Denny, re-read the original post and watch the documentary " What's with wheat". Google it. At least watch the movie trailer. Why would you say, "that's just not true". Please explain. drksky, please watch too. Become informed... Everyone should watch it.
  12. telebrewer

    Glyphosate Free Beer / Grains

    I really like the fact that this is being discussed. There should be a Glyphosate free option. I would opt to buy it everytime. Believe it or not, there is a growing movement away from chemical/ pesticide growing for our food supply. It has been linked to the spike in illnesses like Celiac...
  13. telebrewer

    Glyphosate Free Beer / Grains

    Well that's completely f'ed up. Thanks Monsanto for cross contaminating everything.......
  14. telebrewer

    Glyphosate Free Beer / Grains

    Wow! I'm going organic on all grain. Thanks for that...
  15. telebrewer

    Glyphosate Free Beer / Grains

    I special order organic grain for that reason. Vote with your dollar. Don't buy that crap and they will have to change their methods. Organic grain is Roundup free.
  16. telebrewer

    Kombucha getting vinegary

    I call mine "she" and "her"
  17. telebrewer

    Black Specks in Kombucha

    Looks like tea...
  18. telebrewer

    Second Hot Break?

    Just happened to me two days ago. After I added my wort chiller to sanitize, the boil stops so I crank up the heat. Didn't oversee the boil resume and it pump boiled it out and over. Won't happen again. Good timing for this post, thanks.
  19. telebrewer

    Beer gun foam hell

    Turned out flat. Re-kegged and forced carbing. Will try the 25ft. hose beer gun. Thanks.
  20. telebrewer

    Wife ordered a Kombucha kit - Advice?

    Follow the instructions, should work. When you make your own, it's simple. 1 cup sugar 1 cup starter tea with SCOBY 1 gallon of water. 8-10 tea bags Boil the water, add the tea and sugar. Let it cool. Remove tea bags. Pour into glass vessel. Add starter tea and SCOBY. Let it brew...