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  1. Sithdad

    Campden Tablets (Sulfites) and Brewing Water

    Since I have switched to AG I have been getting a strong plastic smell and taste to my beer. I have switched tubing, gone over my mash tun and made sure it's clean and I can attest that it is. I have, on 2 occasions now, used RO water to build my own brewing water. Low and behold no more plastic...
  2. Sithdad

    Dry Yeast Selection for Dark Mild

    I like Windsor for it's ester profile. I agree that it doesn't attenuate as well as the other two. Mash a little lower to compensate. My dark mild is made with Windsor and it's one of my favorite beers.
  3. Sithdad

    what beer to buy in pa.

    Just a few miles away from Dorney is Emmaus. There's a beer distributor there called Shangy's. It has an obscene selection of beer. However, you have to buy them by the case. Wegman's and Abe's (1301 W Broad St, Bethlehem, PA 18018). He has a very good selection of beer (international and...
  4. Sithdad

    I hate not finding something I like when I'm out....

    I'm not afraid of the flavors being harsh or that it's going to get me buzzed. I drink 1-2 beers a week (sometimes none). These imperial style beers are like drinking 1/4-1/3 of my daily caloric intake. I'd rather have something that is only ~200 calories per serving, yet still has a lot of...
  5. Sithdad

    I hate not finding something I like when I'm out....

    I was out at Wegmans on Saturday to pick up my son's birthday cake. So, I decided I would check out their beer selection. For those of you who might not know here in PA you only buy, from a distributor, and only by the case. Unless you are a food establishment. Then you can sell 6-packs and the...
  6. Sithdad

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I offered my sister-in-law (Coors light drinker) an american amber ale I made that took 3rd place in a competition. Our very short conversation: Her: "Ew! That tastes 'lagery'" Me: "What do you mean?" Her: "It tastes like Yuengling Lager. You know...lagery" Me: :confused: I've had some...
  7. Sithdad

    Naturally Clarifying A Pale Ale

    Agreed. Do what works for you. If someone does it differently then so be it.
  8. Sithdad

    This is a first

    Vinegar and water descales and cleans out coffee makers. It's safe and vinegar is cheap. Just run a pot or two of clean water through the machine to rinse.
  9. Sithdad

    Philadelphia supplies

    The National Homebrewer's Convention is in Philly in 2013. Can't wait! I live an hour N of Philly and I go to Keystone's Bethlehem store. I've been to Montgomeryville and it's a beautiful store. They have wine/beer/cheese making classes, and they recently had a seminar on yeast lead by someone...
  10. Sithdad

    10 days for a Hoppy 3.5% Pale Ale from Recipe to Glass? Gla

    S-04 finishes quickly and drops out like a rock without fining agents. Especially if you chill it for a little while. Like the others have said. Pitch a good amount of healthy yeast and make sure it's aerated well. If your mash tun can accommodate it try doing a no-sparge. It'll help with adding...
  11. Sithdad

    Moving to 1 gallon batches

    My lhbs sells 2 gal buckets that I ferment in for my 1.5 gal batches. If you can't get something like that a 3 gallon better bottle (or the like) will work just fine. You'll just have plenty of head-room. If you're going to lager then you'll want something that you can nearly fill, like a 1...
  12. Sithdad

    8-Bit Pale Ale

    He probably still has his mullet too.
  13. Sithdad

    My Founders Brewing Co Story

    I can understand them not wanting to give out the info. Stone Brewing will give out everything you need to brew all of their beers except Arrogant Bastard. On C"Can You Brew It" with Jamil Z. they have the head brewer from Stone on when they attempt to clone AB and all is says, "I can't tell...
  14. Sithdad

    Black Pug Dry Porter... Tell me what you think

    Personally, I don't think you'll get any acrid flavors from the patent malt or the roasted barley, in the quantities listed. You should be ok with the amounts you have listed and leaving them in the mash the entire time. Same would go for the chocolate malt which, to my knowledge, doesn't give...
  15. Sithdad

    Death Star, fully armed and operational.

    Commence primary ignition. You may fire when ready.
  16. Sithdad

    Brewing a 2.4% light bitter tomorrow

    I brewed up a dark mild that came in at 3.2% abv. It was one of my favorite beers. I hope yours turns out well.
  17. Sithdad

    Beer and blood pressure/cholesterol meds - feedback appreciated

    You can't leave the story end like that! Where the prices different? Details, man! Details! In Re: to the OP. I have been taking Simvastatin for 15 years, however, I drink very rarely. There are weeks I'll have 4 beers and there are weeks when I have none. My liver panel comes back good...
  18. Sithdad

    Reading, Lancaster, Allentown PA area HOP BUY

    Tom I am very sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Please, pass my condolences onto your wife. As far as I am concerned take as much time as you need. Get well.
  19. Sithdad

    Reading, Lancaster, Allentown PA area HOP BUY

    Anyone? I'd like to get this done so Tom isn't getting harrassed about the order. Tom, could we just cancel his order or is it too late for Crosby to remove his order from the shipment?
  20. Sithdad

    Brew Pal software in the iTunes App Store

    I also noticed that the dry yeats sections has become very limited. I only have yeast from Fermentis, Wyeast and White Labs. Looks like the refractometer option is gone too. Gravity seems to be just a generic "plug in your numbers" kind of thing. Now auto-correct for temp. I do like the new...