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  1. MoRoToRiUm

    Tight Scew on regulator!!

    PB buster to loosen it, and then clean/sanatize it quick before re-assembly?
  2. MoRoToRiUm

    20 oz or 5 lb co2 tank???

    If you are looking at a 5 pounder option, consider larger if your setup won't be hindered with the size of the tank- I say this because it is cheaper by volume to fill a larger tank then a small one (my local place is $10 for a 5 pounder, $14 for a 20 pounder). Most places are like that, but...
  3. MoRoToRiUm

    Genius to moron in 60 seconds

    "S M R T. I mean S M A R T..." My mom always said I was special :drunk:
  4. MoRoToRiUm

    Firearms afficionados

    Own Springfield XD sub-compact 9mm- LOVE IT! My only complaint are the safety indicators- the top one works as it's supposed to, but the front and rear indicators to show that a round is in the chamber always seem to stay the same. I checked out the local store and all of them are like mine, so...
  5. MoRoToRiUm

    Force carbonating. NEED HELP!!

    +1, but I have my system balanced at 8-12 PSI depending on the beer. Make sure you bleed the excess pressure when you drop it to your serving PSI.
  6. MoRoToRiUm

    Kegerator Building Tips

    2 3/4 hole saw from lowes; I used aluminum tape as well (was going to get HVAC but it was more expensive). Post your results in the 'Show us your kegerator' thread!
  7. MoRoToRiUm

    Keg diagnosis help

    Balancing your system is always hard to start off with... Hope it works out! Keep us posted :mug: PS How's that tank treating you?
  8. MoRoToRiUm

    Leaving immersion chiller in boil

    Clean mine well after brewing, and then stick it in my starsan solution bucket for about 15 minutes before I go to use it. No problems, and I don't have to cool down the hot copper you get by boiling it (even though copper is great at heat dissipation).
  9. MoRoToRiUm

    First Label for my First Brew

    Fixed that for you
  10. MoRoToRiUm

    Kegerator Building Tips

    I would go with a hole cutter if I were you. Drill a small pilot hole dead center, and have at it. You will have jagged edges with a spade bit. I would definitely add a piece of wood for backing to support your shanks (guessing you are putting faucets directly on the door). Hope this helps! Post...
  11. MoRoToRiUm

    INOP keg! How do i fix??

    Let us know how the O rings work- Pressurize it to 20+ PSI and let us know if/where it leaks. Good luck!
  12. MoRoToRiUm

    Completed Kegerator - Almost

    Very nicely done! Make sure you post this in the thread!
  13. MoRoToRiUm

    Hilarious CL Post

    In case it goes bye bye- Fine, Don't ****ing Hire Me, You Can't Handle My **** Date: 2008-12-02, 10:34PM CST What the **** people! I need a mother****in job, and I have a resume that says I am ****ing fit to be your goddamn front desk/administrative assistant. I have applied to a ton of jobs...
  14. MoRoToRiUm

    Started my kegerator setup... pics of the progress...

    Looking good! I think you posted before about this- about an 8ft run, right? :mug:
  15. MoRoToRiUm

    Sixth Barrel Torpedo Keg?

    I have a Victory Brewery one that's been sitting in my apartment forever now... The local brew store will gladly take it back though, so I can't ethically write it off...
  16. MoRoToRiUm

    Sixth Barrel Torpedo Keg?

    I have seen sankeys with corny connections on- if you have some welding skills, you could add in/out posts and even convert the center to a lid. That said, you can keep an eye out and get cornies fairly cheap (adventures in home brewing had them for 17, now 23).
  17. MoRoToRiUm

    Yuri's Brew Yurt (Hut)

    KISS. (Keep It Simple Stupid, or Stupid Simple- take your pick). Looking good Yuri! Wish I lived near you, I would have the roof done for you so you could focus on the inside goodies :)
  18. MoRoToRiUm


    Did you mix the sugar in bucket stirring well or did you do it in the bottle (sugar or tabs)? If you mixed it in the bucket, you might be OK and those two were the last bit with more yeasties.. store them some place cooler in a rubbermaid (or something to contain more possible bombs). If they...
  19. MoRoToRiUm

    WAste Not Want Not?

    I use the crisper drawer for storage elsewhere; I've also seen members use it as a drip tray. I'm still coming up with a use for the glass shelves, but am thinking I need a nice glass display shelf on my wall (other projects come to mind, but think plexi/lexan would be easier to work with...)
  20. MoRoToRiUm

    Dumb luck.

    Where do you live and how can I get some of these!?!? :) 8 just isn't cutting it...