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  1. BBKing

    Need some suggestions for a wort contest

    I've gotta go with Homer and say that some oats might be nice, along with your idea of a dry hop, though I'd question the use of cascade (though I see what you are getting at) as I'd go for something a little more grassy/piney/resinous like chinook (top of the head idea here). Dont have any...
  2. BBKing

    Went to dinner tonight...

    I've had the same experience with TommyKnockers, actually I was telling a beer distributor the same thing tonight at a hog roast. And to a more limited extent with Bells Amber Ale. In case naysayers want to trash me, I buy at least a 6 pack of it a week at my local place as my Friday routine...
  3. BBKing

    anyone that uses austin homebrew see this?

    First off, I pretty much hate AHB. I think their prices are high and that Forrest has a "love it or leave it" attitude that I cant stand. I'm not saying that a business such as his doesnt have a bottom line, which I understand, but when I sent him an email addressing my concerns he didnt seem to...
  4. BBKing

    2011 Crop Hallertauer Mittelfruh AND HATS!

    Weird question here: but what is the return policy on your hats? I have a crazy huge odd shaped head and either they fit or they dont. I go into a hat store in the mall and will try on hats until the salespeople are ready to kick me out. Like I said, odd, but I cant control my head shape...
  5. BBKing

    RIP MCA You will be missed!!!

    Same here. SWMBO didnt understand it either, but when a total stranger is such an influence its hard to not be disturbed by their passing. I tried explaining this to no avail until I asked how she would feel if the last remaining "Golden Girl" died, then she seemed to understand a tad.
  6. BBKing

    RIP MCA You will be missed!!!

    Absolutely, yet I'd wager a bet that if you asked the average person about Pauls Boutique, theyd have no idea WTF you were talking about.
  7. BBKing

    RIP MCA You will be missed!!!

    Never got to see them :( But man were they my group back in the day. "Back in the day" for me was the mid 90s, proof that The Beastie Boys transcend generations. One poster on Yahoo claimed the autopsy report is in. Adam Yauch died of an overdose of coolness. I'm inclined to agree.
  8. BBKing

    Farmhouse Brewing Supply- The Store!

    Super awesome that the store is up and running guys! I'm also pumped that you have competitive prices on #50 sacks of grains and awesome prices on hops! Going to be ordering soon. Wish I could head up to the store, maybe sometime
  9. BBKing

    How do you name your original recipes?

    Beers tend to remind me of the seasons, or something weather related. When I was doing the math for my first recipe I was also thinking about summers in Tucson AZ with my dad sitting under the porch having a drink and watching the Monsoons come down full force. Thus, Monsoon IPA was born. Its...
  10. BBKing

    Will these work for hops storage?

    I use a food saver with the mason jar attachment. I read somewhere on here that making foodsaver bags to store hops in average about 40 cents a piece. I figure buying 12 quart mason jars and sealing those will pay off in the long run, plus I dont have to make a zillion one or two ounce bags...
  11. BBKing

    Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe

    Gotta get my hands on some amarillo!
  12. BBKing

    Doomsday preppers anyone???

    I'm not a "prepper" per say, but I was a Boy Scout in my early days and live by their motto "Be Prepared". Not counting the perishable food in our cabinets, we have about 2 weeks worth of food and water around the house. Not enough for a huge SHTF event, but its more than enough to get by...
  13. BBKing

    Maximizing Efficiency when Batch Sparging

    I've been hitting low 80%s on my last couple brews batch sparging. 2 hour mash with a single 175 degree sparge seems to be working well for me.
  14. BBKing

    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    7027 + 5 gallons of Irish Draught = 7032
  15. BBKing

    First "No Sparge"...why haven't I done this before?

    This is curious. At first I wasnt exactly sure what you were talking about then I read your last two sentences. In the summer when I clean my MT I toss some hose water into and let it sit awhile. Then I released the liquid into the grass. But after a few batches I noticed it was nice and...
  16. BBKing

    Another forgotten beer

    This is my only New Years Resolution that is going according to plan :mug:
  17. BBKing

    is anyone else fasting for lent?

    Meh, when does this start? I'll think of something small just to cover my bases with God ;)
  18. BBKing

    Farmhouse Brewing Supply- The Store!

    Excellent! Congrats!
  19. BBKing

    What I did for beer today

    Spent the $80 on a Food Saver. Really didnt want to bite that bullet but I figure I'll save a ton of money by repackaging bulk hops. Hopefully a year or so and it'll pay for itself. Also grabbed a 12 pack of Ruthless Rye, a 6er of Hopslam, a bomber of Clown Shoes CDA, and a bomber of...
  20. BBKing

    Books. Whats the best one you have read lately?

    Ah, gotcha. Kind of splitting hairs there SPOILER ALERT (well, kind of): We always argued about what happened to the boy after his dad died and the other people took him in. My aunt thinks that he was indeed "The One" and went on to save the world or whatever. I choose to think that he...