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  1. stujol

    Welch's Grape Juice Wine

    way too much acid I think and I would add a teaspoon of tannin. I have been using 15 cans with sugar and the flavor and body has been good. I normally add just two teaspoons of acid blend.
  2. stujol

    Welch's Grape Juice Wine

    It gets better with some time. My 1 year old juice wines are much better than the new stuff. Some that I didn't really care for have become quite tasty with time. They will never compare with wine from grapes or most real fruit wines but still quite drinkable. They make great spritzers.
  3. stujol

    Which yeast?

    Or you can find a recycler and look for the 4 liter wine bottles they all seem to have. The local guy here knows me by name lol. Of course I bring in a couple bottles of wine when I stop. He saves the 750 ml bottles for me.
  4. stujol

    Which yeast?

    Yeast do make a big difference. I use both red star and lalvin yeasts. Sometimes I use the same must in two different batches and try different yeasts. You will be amazed at how different they taste.
  5. stujol

    How many gallons of Skeeter Pee have been made.

    1406 + 5 = 1411
  6. stujol

    Newell's Groundhog Cider (woodchuck amber clone)

    I don't think it kills wine yeast unless you use it in bigger doses than what I do. Someone with more knowledge can jump in here in enlighten us. It was down to 1.010 last night. I would have swore it was 1.040 in the morning but maybe I misread the hydrometer, I was heading off to work...
  7. stujol

    help me turn apple cider to wine.

    I use apple cider to make apple wine. It is far superior to the apple juice you find in the store imho. I add enough sugar to bring the sg to 1.090. I normally use EC-1118 yeast. a teaspoon of tannin, 5 tsp yeast nutrient, 1 tsp yeast energizer and 2 tsp acid blend. Let it age a...
  8. stujol

    Newell's Groundhog Cider (woodchuck amber clone)

    No I will use kmeta and sorbate but I don't think that will stop a active ferment very fast. That will stop yeast reproduction but the yeast that are present will continue to consume sugar and produce alcohol taking the sg below my target of 1.020.
  9. stujol

    Newell's Groundhog Cider (woodchuck amber clone)

    I am going to try to shut it down early. I am going to filter first then cold crash. A mini-jet #3 filter is supposed to get most of the yeast. Stopping EC-1118 tho is like trying to stop a freight train once it gets going good. I rechecked the sg today with another hydrometer and it is...
  10. stujol

    Newell's Groundhog Cider (woodchuck amber clone)

    wow, the sg of this cider is 1.070. 10% PA may be a little high for a woodchuck clone.
  11. stujol

    Newell's Groundhog Cider (woodchuck amber clone)

    making my second batch of this tonight. Using fresh apple cider instead of concentrate. It is a bit pricey here this year due to the apple crop getting froze out. $7.00 a gallon. First batch turned out well. Every one loved it.
  12. stujol

    Campden tablets

    I use metabisulphate powder 1/8 teaspoon per gallon. And pectic enzyme will help your clarity,
  13. stujol

    Del Monte sliced peaches

    What was your og ? I would be cautious about adding any sugar to it unless your starting gravity was on the low side. High alcohol takes time to smooth out and since peach is a light flavor you don't want too much alcohol. I would would top it with a dry white wine probably. I start mine...
  14. stujol

    How many gallons of Skeeter Pee have been made.

    1230.5 + 15 = 1245.5
  15. stujol

    Skeeter Pee

    I think I would add more yeast nutrient and energizer yet at the 1.050 sg mark yet. It won't hurt it at least and you will probably need it to prevent the strained yeast smell (suphur). I would not add any more lemon concentrate.
  16. stujol

    Using a juicer

    I use a juicer for some fruits like pears and I have done blueberries that way also. I do use the pulp also tho. I put it all in a mesh bag. It is a lot of work tho. probably adds a hour to a batch of wine. I core all the friut (if I can) first.
  17. stujol

    Skeeter pee fermenting slow, but not stuck (yet)...

    I don't think adding energizer would have adverse affect so I would try it. What are your temps? and what yeast did you use ?
  18. stujol

    Hard Apple Cider Burning Throat

    just let it mellow, almost all my apple wine (I make most of it from cider) is "hot" at first give it 10 months or so and you will be amazed.
  19. stujol

    How many gallons of Skeeter Pee have been made.

    I started another 10 gallons last night. 10 + 1100 = 1110
  20. stujol

    How many gallons of Skeeter Pee have been made.

    another 5 = 1058