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  1. drevilz4l

    Bourbon Vanilla Porter

    I recently made a Maple Bourbon Porter and that's pretty much what I did. Flavor definitely came through very nicely.
  2. drevilz4l

    Mushroom/Pepper Smoked Porter

    This sounds very good to me. I really want to know what kind of flavor the Mushroom's impart on this.
  3. drevilz4l

    Wild Rice Stout Feedback

    Hey all. Been a while since I posted (No time to brew lately), but I would love some feedback on a recipe I have concocted. I tried to base this on an oatmeal stout, but replaced the oats with wild rice. Type: Extract Batch Size (fermenter): 5.00 gallon Ingredients: Ingredients: 1 lbs...
  4. drevilz4l

    Show Us Your Label

    You sir, are my hero.
  5. drevilz4l

    Starter question

    It should definitely be at room temperature. You don't want to shock the yeast with too great a temperature change.
  6. drevilz4l

    Belgian Tripel Recipe feedback

    I finally got this kegged, and after 2 days of carbing I couldn't resist taking a sample. This stuff is awesome. I was worried about it being to hoppy, but it came out well. THis may be the first recipe I'll make more than once.
  7. drevilz4l

    Chi Company Temperature controller problems

    Well it turns out there was a defective batch of these sent out recently and I was fortunate enough to get one. Luckily a replacement is on the way. Too bad I wont have my beer kegged by thanksgiving.
  8. drevilz4l

    Chi Company Temperature controller problems

    SO here's an update. I set the dial to 38 degrees. The internal temp was around 45. I turned the calibration screw until it just turns on. I wait about 10 minutes and the temp is around 32. I back it off and it shuts off. I can continue this forever. It never seems to find a good spot. I...
  9. drevilz4l

    Chi Company Temperature controller problems

    I am having huge problems with my temperature controller from Chi Company. I set the dial to around 38 degrees and walk away for a bit. When I come back my thermometer says 22 degrees and its still running. Has any one else had a problem like this? I have tried changing the temperature range...
  10. drevilz4l

    should i be worried?

    I would say yes fermentation is probably over, or almost over. As for the color, how light is it? I know that brown ales are not super dark, they should be a light brown color depending on the malts used.
  11. drevilz4l

    Branden O's Graff

    I used unpasteurized cider from my local cider mill, and it also came out great.
  12. drevilz4l

    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Wawbrau. When I was in basic training I got the nickname "Waw" because my last name is Wawrzonek and my TI didn't want to say it every time. Thats about it.
  13. drevilz4l

    Wawbrau first label...with ninjas

    Done and bottled.
  14. Thefinalproductfirstlabledbeerercider


  15. WawbrauPreferedbeerofninjas


    My nickname is "Waw" and thats me in a suit with a ninja mask.
  16. Mypartnerincrime


  17. Fruitsoflabor


    Hopefully the last time I have to bottle.
  18. 3Batches


    Tripel in the Cooler, Cider in the Bucket, Orange Mean in the 1 gallon.
  19. BrewpotCheckWortCheckRoosterHatCheck