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  1. Gregredic

    Winch System

    Just in case anyone is interested, this is what I decided to use.
  2. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    Problem resolved.
  3. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    I think tommyk was asking about "line 1" coming into the element switch and that it isn't going through the controller.
  4. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    P-J, I have been wiring this system up now for a few days and I am now reaching completion. Am I to understand that the E-Stop switch works by tripping the GFCI? I was sort of amazed at how small the wire on teh 1k ohm 1 watt resistor was when I installed it last night.
  5. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    tommyk - From my understanding of the wiring diagram, neither wire will be hot going to the element if the switch is in the off position.
  6. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    So I am FINALLY building this rig (just minus the timer, timer power indicator, and the timer power switch). I was running the lines that go to ports 9 and 10 on the PID and my 10 gauge wire doesn't come close to fitting these connections. I check to see if 12 gauge would work, and it will...
  7. Gregredic

    Aluminum pot "seasoning" question....

    No, it should be fine.
  8. Gregredic

    Winch System

    I don't know if this is the right place for this post or not, but here goes.... Has anyone ever created a winch system in order to raise and lower their mash tun? I was thinking about keeping my boil kettle (electric) at a stationary hight...say the bottom of it is around 2.5 feet high and...
  9. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    Wasn't thinking.
  10. Gregredic

    Stovetop Induction Full Boil Brewing - Brutus 20 Style

    I was asking about doing this several years ago and I decided not to do it because I was told that it wouldn't work with stainless steel....oh well, guess they were wrong. How do you like the setup? How much did the stove cost you?
  11. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    P-J, In regard to the spa panal 50amp GFCI. Could I possible find a 50amp GFCI that I could put in my controller box that would do the same thing? I was just thinking it would be nice to keep weight and bulk down.
  12. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    P-J, if I were to leave off the Auberin Timer, Timer Power Indicator, and Timer Power switch; would the rest of the wiring diagram still apply as have it listed? The reason I ask is that I like ot keep things as simple as possible (fewer failure points) and I honestly don't think I would gain...
  13. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    cork44, did you ever build the electric brew kettle with controller that P-J posted? If so, did you run into any problems or change any of the parts listed? Only thing I'm not postive about is the work box. Will this work box be the right size, or would it be best to get a box that is already...
  14. Gregredic

    Cheap basic setup

    P-J....this is wonderful. I was really looking into building an electric system several years ago when people were just starting to look into it. I got sidetracked with life and haven't been able to brew at all in almost 2 years. Was just about to get back into it and the thought of all the...
  15. Gregredic

    Flow rate issues for 55 gallon mash tun

    Another possible fix.... Try using rice hulls. That's what we had to do in order to fix our stuck sparge problem's....should help yours out too.
  16. Gregredic

    Countertop Brutus 20

    Definitely going to take a few pointers from this when I build my electric brew rig.
  17. Gregredic

    To Buy...Or Not To Buy

    Have you thought about building a very short type of collar or mounting the hinges on brackets that move it out slight and then just getting a thicker rubber seal if all you need is milimeters in order to fit 4?
  18. Gregredic

    converting chest freezer question

    It is a personal choice. I personally like the collar to be afixed to the freezer rather than the lid, don't want to have to ever worry about it falling on my head from the weight. Also, if you put the collar on the lid, when you open it up you will have to deal with the beer lines in your...
  19. Gregredic

    Weissbier Bee Cave Brewery Bavarian Hefeweizen

    Has anyone tried to use WLP380 in this recipe?
  20. Gregredic

    Alabama house passes Beer Law

    I have lived many places, and I have to say that Alabama is the best place I've ever lived (Huntsville at least). Whenever I want something better to drink, I just take my happy a$$ up to TN, pick up some good brew, then head back down south. I can't wait for this law to change. One thing...