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  1. mojotele

    How much line cooling do I need?

    Thanks for the advice, everyone. I think this gives me enough information to get started!
  2. mojotele

    How much line cooling do I need?

    Thanks for the responses, guys! I was actually concerned about condensation around the back of the faucets and small bits of uninsulated line at the connection point degrading the insulation, drywall, and/or studs for my house, not the trunk line. Looking back at my OP I wasn't very clear...
  3. mojotele

    How much line cooling do I need?

    Hey guys, So I'm in the middle of building a new house. Naturally this seems like a good time to upgrade my kegerator. I want to run four lines from a chest keezer in the basement to four faucets on the floor above. One of these lines will just be seltzer water we can use to mix up sodas...
  4. mojotele

    Automating my propane

    Thanks! I think I'm straight with the propane pressure. I purchased the low pressure regulator and orifice from Brewers Hardware. I tested out the burner using just the orifice and regulator and it seemed to work just fine once I adjusted the air intake. A nice blue flame with orange tips...
  5. mojotele

    CO2 build up bottling?

    I'm sure you get a well carbonated beer. Does it actually help push out the oxygen? I don't know. I'm a little skeptical to tell you the truth, but I can't honestly say. I can say that I've always sealed my bottles as soon as they were filled. I've never had oxygenation problems. Some of...
  6. mojotele

    Another Coopers IPA

    I'll respond to your question with another question - what are you after? I'll make it multiple choice: 1. A more bitter beer 2. A "hoppier" beer - in other words, more hop flavor If you're after #1, which is probably unlikely, boil your added hops for 60 minutes. If you're after #2, which...
  7. mojotele

    Electric stove

    I have an electric stove myself. The heating elements cycle on and off at a rate that is dependent on your heat setting, and I find boilovers happen when the stove decides to cycle the heating element on. Keep the heat as low as you can while still maintaining a good boil, and use an...
  8. mojotele

    Winging it 1 gallon recipe ????

    If you have enough of the Ahtanum hops I say go for a simple pale ale. You can make a good pale ale with just the DME and the hops, but you can never go wrong adding some light crystal malts as well (Crystal 10-20). Happy brewing!
  9. mojotele

    Automating my propane

    So I went ahead and ordered the KAB4 from Amazon. I figured I can just return it if it doesn't work out. I just got it this morning. There isn't quite enough room in the space between the burner and the wind screen. There is, however, just enough room in the open spaces between the "spokes"...
  10. mojotele

    Automating my propane

    Hey guys! I've been working on a new RIMS type system that is somewhat inspired by the Blichmann Breweasy and Countertop Brutus 20. My system will do 5 gallon batches and be heated by propane. I have the basic liquid plumbing and electronics working. Now I have to deal with the propane...
  11. mojotele

    Researching a Brutus-like System

    That said, I'm not opposed to multi-tier if one of those tiers is the floor! EDIT: Just read up on the Brutus 20 and especially the Countertop Brutus 20. Mind = blown. I've always preached that high efficiency really doesn't matter - one should strive for consistent efficiency. I really...
  12. mojotele

    Researching a Brutus-like System

    Thanks for the welcome! To answer your question, I don't have to have a 3 vessel system. I guess I started there since that's what I know. Budget isn't much of an issue. Obviously, I like to get a deal as much as anyone. But, if paying more makes my life easier then I'm all about it. I'm a...
  13. mojotele

    Researching a Brutus-like System

    Hey everyone! My first post to Homebrew Talk in a long time. And it's probably one you've seen a thousand times. But, I need help. I've been brewing all grain for a while now. I've been using my electric stove to heat my strike/sparge water, mashing in a Coleman Xtreme MLT, and boiling...
  14. mojotele

    Pretty Sure I Have Mold. What To Do?

    It looks fairly similar to this guy's mold infection. Yours just looks to be a bit more...cultivated. It certainly doesn't look like your typical brett biofilm or lacto pellicle. Grab a sample out from under it and see how it tastes. If it tastes fine, bottle it or keg it or whatever you do...
  15. mojotele

    Pretty Sure I Have Mold. What To Do?

    Well, that's definitely an infection of some sort. It's hard to tell from your picture if it is mold - is it furry looking?
  16. mojotele

    Astringent oatmeal stout?

    Astringent tastes are usually process related. The most common reasons would be overheating or over-sparging the grains. Did you vorlauf? Could your sparge water have been too hot? Did you sparge more than usual? Of course, what you're describing as astringent may not quite be what is...
  17. mojotele

    Flat beer..

    All fungus is incredibly resilient, and yeast especially so. If you ever find yourself wondering if your yeast is dead put that thought aside and start seeking other answers. Yeast is incredibly hard to kill.
  18. mojotele

    Honey wheat beer first time

    Honey isn't really 100% fermentable. Most of the sugars in it are fermentable. However, not all of them are. Also, there are other things in honey - not just sugar. There's various bacterias, yeasts, enzymes, pollens...the list goes on. All of these things combined will add aromas and...
  19. mojotele

    Can someone check my OG and SG work?

    You really can't make these sorts of comparisons. You can make the same recipe twice and get two different FGs. Granted, they'll probably be close. But it's very probable they won't be equal. Every batch of beer is different. Yeast is a living organism and will not follow some strict set...
  20. mojotele

    Yeast vile

    It's fine. Go ahead and get your brew on!