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  1. itsbarleytime

    Using krausen for both bottle condition and new pitch

    I always try and under pitch those types of beers for more yeast character. The yeast will have much more character if you under pitch. Also, ferment warm and create a warm room space for bottle conditioning 80° F Trust me its works. I usually just wait until the weather gets warm to make yeast...
  2. itsbarleytime

    Long way to brew, 2 stairs down

    I know some one who cut his wrist and almost bleed out but made it to the hospital. Get your set up all together be safe, Happy Brewing.
  3. itsbarleytime

    Hop Water, anybody make this before?

    I have been brewing this once or twice a month for 10 months. Here is what I got. 1.) Pre boil 21 liters of water (20 min) of your choice to remove oxygen. 2.) Cool to 175. 3.) 10ml lactic acid. 1 fresh squeezed juice of a lemon. 3 grams of fresh peppermint. A pinch of brewers yeast or 1/4...
  4. itsbarleytime

    Where is Homebrew Chris? Youtuber

    He has not posted a video in a vey long time. Does anyone know anything?
  5. itsbarleytime

    How much lactic acid with distilled water on a Pilsner?

    And does the beer you have made with acid additions contribute a sour flavor in the finished beer?
  6. itsbarleytime

    How much lactic acid with distilled water on a Pilsner?

    Any one brewed all German Pilsner with lactic acid to hit pH of 5.4 , how much lactic acid.
  7. itsbarleytime

    Final beer pH?

    Any thoughts on final beer pH.
  8. itsbarleytime

    Overthinking Yeast Harvest

    I would make a starter with that yeast then do a low gravity beer and top crop it. If its Conan. How did get the yeast? Harvest it yourself?
  9. itsbarleytime

    Overthinking Yeast Harvest

    As for dry hopping some say you loose all your aroma when co2 is active, it pushes it out mabey but if you're paranoid about Oxidation it's a good time to do both top crop and dry hop. I sometimes will throw a bag of dry hops in the keg after its carbatated for a BIG hop aroma bomb purge a...
  10. itsbarleytime

    Overthinking Yeast Harvest

    Silver spoon not required however it is antibacterial and I happen to have one, lol. As for Oxidation? I feel that it gives the yeast a shot of oxygen durring it's most active state, Wich yeast like. And I don't have the lid off for any unnecessary length of time, straight to buisnes. So much...
  11. itsbarleytime

    Ovaltine chocolate milk stout?

    I actually found a few of these stashed away in the basement and tried them. They had a mineraly taste that was off putting, I don't recommend it. I know I originally liked it but it's exactly how I remember it only I think my palette is a little more in tune with what I like.
  12. itsbarleytime

    Overthinking Yeast Harvest

    Top cropping has worked great for me. No dead yeast. No washing. I just get a trusty sterling silver spoon and a prepared Mason jar. Pop the lid at rappid air lock activity scoop some of that foam up plop it in the jar and top it with some clean water. Stick it the fridge with the lid not all...
  13. itsbarleytime

    Reinheitsgebot and salts

    Soft water for light beer, I have used acidulated malt, but I like it better without.
  14. itsbarleytime

    Need a new fermentor

    Ss brew bucket is awesome love mine I can control temp. Move safely. Clean more easily. Most importantly make better beer.
  15. itsbarleytime

    Need a new fermentor

    As brew bucket
  16. itsbarleytime

    lets see your full Fermenters

    2.5x fast carboy left, It's lager time not middle carboy. Fullers London porter clone in keg. And in the bottles 1000 batches inspired by chop and brew episode 31 on youtube of P. Berry doing 1001 batches of home brew.
  17. itsbarleytime

    Has any one had trouble bottling from keg with blichman beer gun?

    Cool beans, I will try that many thanks to you brother.