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  1. sirsloop

    Experimental Beer Imperial Pilsner

    Wow... That's healthy for a lager!
  2. sirsloop

    Cuvee de Tomme clone group project

    Go HD oh yeahhh!!!
  3. sirsloop

    Cuvee de Tomme clone group project

    long arse brew day today! The Whales brewed what looks like about 85 gallons of Belgian Dark Strong Ale, plus we collected another 14 gallons of 2nd runnings and boiled that down to roughly 10 gallons for a one day grand total of 95 gallons of brew!! We're looking at 9-9.6% ABV after the...
  4. sirsloop

    Dry yeast vs. liquid

    Boom... blast from the past thread revivallll
  5. sirsloop

    Cuvee de Tomme clone group project

    Great thread about CdT. The WHALES will be using one of our 60 gallon Lairds Applejack barrels to produce a batch of Sour Belgian Dark Strong with Cherries. Lots of great info in here regarding souring, which is my primary concern. I plan on brewing 80 gallons, resulting in ~70-75 gallons of...
  6. sirsloop

    Overshot F.G. in 8 days

    nothing you can do... drink and enjoy
  7. sirsloop

    Bottle Bombs?

    technically a bottle bomb but could just be a weak bottle? Who knows its glass...
  8. sirsloop

    What's the difference?

    Well figure out how much sugar you have in your volume of grain. Take 65% of that sugar out for the first beer. Then figure 15-20% is left for the 2nd beer. Unless you are making a 12-13% monster brew you will probably need to spike the 2nd beer up a little. I add in some extra grain and let...
  9. sirsloop

    What's the difference?

    Because of the volume of grain, its usually not very practical to do a second sparge. You'd end up with way too much wort to boil off. Just heat up your ~3 gallons of sparge water to boiling and put it in, mix it up, vorlauf, and drain it. I would plan the recipe around 65% efficiency. I've...
  10. sirsloop

    Experimental Beer Imperial Pilsner

    Yeah... that recipe was totally off the wall.
  11. sirsloop

    Rubber Stopper submerged in Freshly Pitched Wort

    I've done it before and it came out fine
  12. sirsloop

    WHEN to D-rest!? Help

    Ya... Guess the OG.
  13. sirsloop

    What's the difference?

    What's the deal with this chamber? Don't over think it too!!! Fridge off CL, temp controller, done. You can have even more awesome projects if you don't over complicate them...
  14. sirsloop

    Micro Gravity Fermentation Lower cell count could be contributed to faster fermentation times due to evenly distributed yeast. The thinking is some of the yeast becomes dormant and falls in the cake. They reduce or stop consumption of sugar. Other...
  15. sirsloop

    first batch done fermenting? i took gravity readings

    its done...pitch... check for activity in 24-36 hours, wait 30 days... it will be done.
  16. sirsloop

    What's the difference?

    You're over-thinking this. Put a vial in 2L worth of 1.040 starter. Wait a couple days. Brew your bwine... whatever the OG is... 1.080-1.120... dump in the yeast. Aerate with a O2 stone if you have one, or agitate the HELL out of it. Use a yeast nutrient like servomyces. It will ferment.
  17. sirsloop

    What's the difference?

    money. Whats the cost of a vial and 2L worth of DME? Whats the cost of 2 vials and 1L worth of DME? do a 2L starter with one vial. I typically use 2 dry packs of nottinghams or US-05 in my Barleywines. Heck sometimes I'll do one of each HAHAH! You're going to want to aerate the wort well...
  18. sirsloop

    Bottle Bombs?

    Bottle bombs occur due to bottling too soon, and/or an infection that continues to slowly ferment past the point when the yeast stopped. 1.25cups should be ok, but this should be a Belgian or Hefe, right?
  19. sirsloop

    Homebrewing for full-time RVs

    Get yourself a yeast filter and slosh away! Space is a premium so quick aging beers are probably on the menu. Grain storage and disposal may be a little tricky so extract may also be on the menu.