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  1. Bricks41

    Thinking of brewing this.

    As far as sparge is concerned... I tend to sparge the difference between my first runnings and my final pre-boil volume. Calculate your absorption rate, .11-.15 gallons per lb if I remember correctly. So if you get 3 gallons from first runnings, then I would sparge 5. Boil for 75-90 minutes and...
  2. Bricks41

    Two fermentors to one blowoff bucket?

    As long as there is enough space in the bucket, you're good!
  3. Bricks41

    Imperial Stout stalled at 1.04

    Rarely would you ever need to transfer any beer to a secondary - unless of course you are dry hopping or adding fruit, chocolate, etc. IMO it's better to leave it on the yeast for at least 2 weeks. If you get into the 1.100 range, longer is better. Cheers!
  4. Bricks41

    New aluminum stockpot!

    As long as you build the oxide layer, no leeching occurs...
  5. Bricks41

    Flying with home brew.

    Can't have bottles in your carry-on so checked luggage would be the only option. Cheers!
  6. Bricks41

    No starter effects

    The trub layer cannot be readily used as a measure on how well the yeast performed. You may not have transferred as much cold/hot break into the fermenter, maybe you didn't use as many hops, etc. What did you brew, what was the grain and hop bill, batch type, OG, etc.?
  7. Bricks41

    full boil, missed final volume - should i top off?

    Such a small difference, topping off would be more trouble than it's worth... IMO of course.
  8. Bricks41

    Monster in my cellar

    Guess better safe than sorry... lol
  9. Bricks41

    Monster in my cellar

    Never had an issue using a blowoff tube that it small enough (approx 3/8" OD) to put directly into the stopper of the BB carboy. I guess that is why I like my Better Bottles... I believe carboys focus the krausen into the neck, more efficiently pushing it out the top. This compared to the...
  10. Bricks41

    Novice question about bottling and priming.

    Day 2 in the bottle? Way early to start opening bottles. Open 1 a week to see how the carbonation progresses. Full process will take 3-4 weeks (+/-) Cheers!
  11. Bricks41

    fermentation temperature?

    Fermentation is like BBQ... low and slow is the way to go. After 5 or so days you could let it warm a bit to help facilitate with the cleanup if you so choose.
  12. Bricks41

    Thanks for all the help!

    Looks tasty! Cheers! :rockin:
  13. Bricks41

    Undercarbonation: I think I'm right, but I'm uneasy and want reassurance

    March sounds about right. I bottled a 10.6% barleywine back in early October. I opened a bottle a few weeks ago, totally flat. Opened one this past weekend, barely a wisp of what could be considered lacing, but the flavor changed dramatically. I figure it will be around mid-Jan before it can be...
  14. Bricks41

    First time fermenting in glass carboy

    Headspace isn't TOO lacking, but when you fill it that high, always go with the blowoff tube from the start lol :)
  15. Bricks41

    Post your infection

    Better look... thoughts?
  16. Bricks41

    Post your infection

    I'll look closer when I get home. Looks menacing, potentially furry and wet. When racking, sample tasted splendid... I'd be okay with less vanilla/chocolate flavor if it means saving it from baddies.
  17. Bricks41

    Post your infection

    Really hate to post, but this is a special beer I do not want to mess up... RIS OG 1.108 FG 1.022-4 currently estimated at 11.6%. Sat in primary for 3-4 weeks so last week I racked it onto 2 cut vanilla beans soaked in 100 proof vodka for 3 days as well as 8 oz of 60% cacao chips. Well...
  18. Bricks41

    Wine maker wanting to switch it up

    Short answer: Primary for 2-3 weeks on the safe end. Use of secondary chamber is hotly debated, some do, some don't. I personally go from primary to bottling. Helpful items: Stir plate, O2 delivery system, and some way to control fermentation temperature