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  1. caskconditioned

    New BruControl Build

    Electricity scares the [email protected] out of me. I'm definitely going to hire a licensed electrician to review all my work etc. Plus post everything on here to get even more eyes to review everything. Good luck on your build - cannot wait to see the end result :)
  2. caskconditioned

    New BruControl Build

    Hi Geoff - thanks for posting this. And a big thanks to BrunDog for BruControl. I've taken a 5 year break from brewing (kids = no time) but I'm hoping to get started again soon (hopefully). My goal is to scrap my current system and build a BruControl, 3 vessel, all electric system. I have a...
  3. caskconditioned

    Acetaldehyde in EVERY all grain batch!

    I'm in a similar boat - last 8 batches (all-grain) have had Acetal. I still have not figured out why, but I think I'm getting closer. Things I have tried so far: - different O2 levels (with stone as well as the old shake method) - yeast starter (different sizes); dried yeast, liquid yeast...
  4. caskconditioned

    Vorlauf Vessel

    dstar26t - that is exactly what I had in mind. thanks for posting some pics and ideas.
  5. caskconditioned

    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    I realize all systems are different but on my HERMS it has been tough with a 1qt/lb ratio. Because of a couple stuck mashes, I now brew more in the range of 1.3/lb. Having said that, I have had some success by starting with a very low flow rate and after about 15 min of recir increasing the...
  6. caskconditioned

    Direct Fire MLT Insulation Project

    Brilliant Bobby! I'm going all electric but I'm still planning on doing the "Bobby_M Insulation" to all my vessels as I think it looks a lot better than what I presently have (aluminum bubble wrap). Thanks for the idea.
  7. caskconditioned

    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    Subscribed! I'm very interested in following this project. :off:On this side of the pond, I find many people who brew excellent bitters don't serve them properly. They are usually over carbonated and served too cold. IMHO, the whole idea is to have a session beer with layers of subtle...
  8. caskconditioned

    What would you use?

    I have both. But I found it easier on my back to lift anything into the upright. But I also condition in a converted sanke and do 10 gal batches. I still occasionally use the chest freezer when using corny kegs as I can fit more in there.
  9. caskconditioned

    Vorlauf Vessel

    In my application the wort will be traveling through the HERMS after the grant so it can help keep temps in check. I love the dual-function idea of using it both as a vorlauf grant and a hopback! I'm thinking of buying one of those SS canisters with a glass lid at one of the big stores and...
  10. caskconditioned

    Vorlauf Vessel

    ah, yes, a grant (doh)... I will try another search. Thanks
  11. caskconditioned

    Vorlauf Vessel

    Does anyone use a vorlauf vessel in their system? I'm talking about a vessel that is used to collect liquid from the Mash Tun. Then a pump is attached to the vessel and the wort is returned to the MT. They are used to help balance/regulate the out-flow from the MT and the input to the pump...
  12. caskconditioned

    Barley Crusher vs. Monster Malt Mill

    Barley Crusher +1 Great mill backed by great customer service. Before I motorized it I was using a drill and accidentally dropped it, bending the shaft. Called them to see how much a replacement would cost - he said to just send it it and he would fix it free of charge. Crushingly good...
  13. caskconditioned

    Denver DIY

    I'm moving the next couple weekends but once I get settled and ready to brew I will shoot you a PM (if I remember :cross:)... I have a HERMS system if that interests you. I will be modifying my system soon to include some automation (BCS) and going fully electric but that's probably a Feb-March...
  14. caskconditioned


    I hope you gain some insight into this because I've been dealing with the same issue. As Malkore points out, it's probably something to do with fermentation (yeast, temp, etc). I've been using StarSan for many many years without issue. I lost 5 batches in row (after successfully brewing over...
  15. caskconditioned

    HLT Stratification

    I use an aquarium pump in my HERMS (see gallery pics - I think I have some there). It's a 1 gallon cooler so the affect is much greater than it probably would be in a 15 gallon keg (not sure how big your vessel is?). Only criticism I've seen is that it can cool the water b/c of the air...
  16. caskconditioned

    Electric brewery build

    Ed - do you happen to have any pics of the box actually attached to the keg? I'm also planning on welding a coupling to the keg (and using the same box as Kal does). So I would love to see the end solution so that I can get a complete idea of what I need to do :mug:
  17. caskconditioned

    How to build a control panel (part 1)

    Kal - big thank you. There are several people on this board that seem to always contribute really incredible content and you are one of them! I look forward to reading it and learning.
  18. caskconditioned

    Solenoid Valve - back flow?

    ClaudiusB - very cool.
  19. caskconditioned

    Solenoid Valve - back flow?

    Yikes, did a quick (ok, extensive) search on electric ball valves - not cheap. The cheapest I could find were still over $250 each. Plus, the time to open/close them is over 10 seconds. That could be a problem. Why are solenoid valves hard to clean? I've never seen one up close so I don't...
  20. caskconditioned

    Electric Question

    Thank you Ed. I agree, I need to learn all this vs. having someone just tell me what to do. Having your build as a starting point will definitely help me learn all this faster. I also have some slightly different requirements so knowing how it all works will help me make the necessary changes.