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  1. lamarguy

    Calcium Chloride from a pool store?

    Most chemicals sold at a pool supply store are not food grade because they are typically (1) less pure and (2) manufactured in facilities that process other unsafe chemicals (think peanuts). Here is a MSDS for pool grade CaCl2. It's 77% - 80% pure, whereas food grade CaCl2 is typically 96% -...
  2. lamarguy

    Temporary free access to the Journal of the Institute of Brewing!

    I highly encourage folks in this forum to read, if nothing else, the paper abstracts. Expand your scientific brewing knowledge! :)
  3. lamarguy

    Brewing in Hawaii

    As others mentioned, the average temperature is much cooler than TX. You may consider dedicating a smaller room to brewing and install a window unit.
  4. lamarguy

    Anyone Return Beer For A Refund?

    Are you suggesting I should have absorbed the loss because the store hadn't properly rotated it's stock and I neglected to check the "best by" date? If so, I hope you're not a retailer. :)
  5. lamarguy

    Anyone Return Beer For A Refund?

    Why was the store selling old beer in their coolers? Do you check the date on every six-pack you purchase? ;)
  6. lamarguy

    Anyone Return Beer For A Refund?

    I'm too old to accept subpar beer. :D I've probably returned ~10 six packs over the last couple of years: Heavily oxidized (liquid cardboard) Skunked (UV light damage from sitting out too long) Infected (only happened once that I can remember) Leaking caps (local brewery had an issue...
  7. lamarguy

    Huge Dry hop amount,but no aroma in IPA!

    Thanks, I appreciate the credit. :o So, the next time I ferment a saison and let it go to the mid 80's, I should probably go ahead and heat it to mid 90's for a diacetyl rest, correct? I do notice my warm fermented Belgians tend to have that "movie popcorn" character. Weird, because I...
  8. lamarguy

    Huge Dry hop amount,but no aroma in IPA!

    Ya, once you separate the beer from the yeast, your only option is to pitch actively fermenting yeast (which the OP tried).
  9. lamarguy

    Huge Dry hop amount,but no aroma in IPA!

    You should really dry hop above 60F. Otherwise, it will take significantly longer to release the hop oils (think several weeks to months).
  10. lamarguy

    Sour Brown via a sour mash

    No, you won't achieve a comparable sour intensity or flavor with a sour mash alone. You can certainly combine a sour mash with a traditional barrel souring to speed up the process, but plan to blend a couple of batches to obtain a good flavor profile.
  11. lamarguy

    Huge Dry hop amount,but no aroma in IPA!

    Ok, I'm leaning "contamination" now: 3rd generation yeast Achieved proper FG Inadequate sanitizer Detectable diacetyl level OneStep is not a proper sanitizer. You should use either Star San or Iodophor, especially if you're repitching yeast. Every time you repitch, you're multiplying the...
  12. lamarguy

    Huge Dry hop amount,but no aroma in IPA!

    Weak yeast activity is considered "unhealthy". That can occur from excessively cold temps, overly scarred cells, low viability, low vitality, etc. Warm temperatures accelerate yeast activity, but often lead to other issues (esters, fusels, etc.). Did you rule out bacteria contamination...
  13. lamarguy

    Huge Dry hop amount,but no aroma in IPA!

    It's not surprising the drop hop aroma is overshadowed by the diacetyl. Diacetyl is typically the byproduct of a stressed/unhealthy fermentation. If the yeast were in poor health and/or flocculated too early, you're left with unpleasant fermentation byproducts. You can try pitching an...
  14. lamarguy

    Connect 2 primary regulators?

    For long runs (think downstairs kegerator or bar setup), it's significantly cheaper to use low pressure hose.
  15. lamarguy

    Why doesn't everyone BIAB?

    BIAB is certainly easier (<= 5 gal batches) but significantly less efficient when brewing higher gravity beers and doesn't scale well (>= 10 gal batches). Yes, I recommend BIAB for new brewers who don't wish to invest in a full setup.
  16. lamarguy

    leaf hops vs. pellet hops

    Assume 10% less IBUs for leaf hops, relative to pellet hops. Most brewing software will perform this calculation for you.
  17. lamarguy

    RO vs. Distilled water

    For our purposes, RO water purity is equivalent to distilled water. In reality RO water is 98+% pure, depending on the RO media rejection efficiency, hardness of the source water, use of DI, etc. You can easily test RO water purity with a TDS meter. It will report the presence of dissolved...
  18. lamarguy

    What is used for long primary ferments?

    I ferment and condition exclusively in sanke kegs.
  19. lamarguy

    Collared keezer + glass rinser?

    How do you plan to feed pressurized water? Store water in a keg and push with CO2?
  20. lamarguy

    Is it infected?

    How old were the ingredients and were they stored properly? How to Brew