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    New Brewer in Charlotte, NC

    Sweet......that's awesome
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    New Brewer in Charlotte, NC

    Nice my wife works at a Dr office in mt island. So what's the set up you are using?
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    New Brewer in Charlotte, NC

    Congrats and welcome to the hobby that will occupy most of your spare thoughts...where at in Charlotte I'm up in Denver iredell brewers united representing here! Good luck let me know if you need any help!
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    If you could start over and had $1000 what equipment would you get

    Where at in NC? I'd say start with a basic turkey fryer setup with at least a 40qt pot. Then work from there with better bottles and all the other basics that I'm sure you have researched. Cheers and good luck!
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    bottle ageing

    I am by no means an expert but I believe that foe higher alcohol brews such as your imperial stout aging will do them fine and I believe most cellaring occurs at 55 to 65 degree range. Again I am not really in the know but personally I think you will be fine letting them sit out and saving the...
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    can i use this pump?

    Wow! That was awesome thank you so much!
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    can i use this pump?

    Lol I am absolutely clueless as to what's going on here. I was just asking because I have this pump already and was wondering if it will adversely affect the wort or if the temps would be to much for it. Thank you for your you think it will be a good recirculation pump for the mash...
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    Bottle bomb concerns

    I doubt you will have bottle bombs on this one just a kit of junk in the bottles. Did you child crash before bottling? That might help next time to cut down on the crud. Cheers
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    can i use this pump?

    I was thinking maybe recirculating the mash? Do you think it would handle those temps? I am fairly unfamiliar with pumps and temperatures. Thank you for your help, do you think it would work?
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    can i use this pump?

    I have this pump I previously used it to recirculating ice water from a cooler through an immersion chiller. I was wondering if I could use for something else in the process. What do y'all think?
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    Hello from Hickory

    I'd say you are successful 1.010 is a good finish should still have a little residual sweetness. Since you don't have an og you won't known exactly how much alcohol is in it but you can guess based off the recipe you used. Congrats against. On the first brew cheers. So what's on deck for brew...
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    Hello from Hickory

    Its totally savable! What temp was it when you pitched? Did you make a starter? And what type of yeast just curious? Either way just re pitch another batch of yeast now and you should be good to go rdwhahb! Let me know what ya think.
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    Hello from Hickory

    Cograts and welcome!! I actually live in Denver BC not to far from you.. so what did ya brew and how did it come out?
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    Help! Fizzy wheat beer with no head or flavor. (carbed correctly)

    The only reason I ask is I had an experience where before I had researched it I brewed with distilled water and it came out very bland in the end. Just curious
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    Looking for a recipe example.

    10 gal you can't go wrong with 5gal batches
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    2nd attempt

    Sounds good but I worry that steeping the grains till boiling might be bad. From my knowledge anything higher than 170 pulls out unwanted tannins. I'm still a newbie so I'd want to hear someone else backing that up. Good luck *edit: sry I should have read the whole thing you got it
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    Always wanted to try it, now hooked!

    Congrats bud welcome
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    mill speed.

    I received a grain mill for Christmas, it is the barley crushed mill that is quite common. I have not reset the gap from factory setting but my question is if I am using a power drill to run the mill, could the speed of the mill shred the husks to much? If so what's the easiest way to get the...
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    first all grain

    Let's see it