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    Why do you make 10G batches?

    I brew 10G batches because I have young kids. At first it was so I could brew less often...lately their antics are just driving me to drink more ;)
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    Calling all math geeks: Force carbonation math!

    Sorry for the delay in responding...just falling back onto the brewing wagon after a hiatus :) Are you asking for the derivation of the general equation form or the one will all the constants? The general form was whipped up in my head based on what I thought the curve should look like...
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    Online Brewing Courses There's this...just heard about it last night myself.
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    Question about starters: cheaper/easier options?

    I don't think the pH of wort is low enough to prevent botulism infection at room temperature storage (below pH 4.6 - USDA). I believe canned wort must be canned in a pressure cooker in order to be shelf stable.
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    Can I use a bottling spigot on a fermenter?

    I do this, and not that this is a scientific representation but "it hasn't been a problem" (so far). To keep things sanitary I attach about 12" of hose and then a ball lock on the end - all of which gets sanitized on brewing day. Also, I disassemble and clean the spigot, etc. and then...
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    What to do when you can't find the right Lovibind malt?

    You might take a whack at toasting pale malt to the desired shade. Here's link from the interwebs that includes a bit about 200L chocolate malt in a pan on the stovetop.
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    Anyone Ever Weigh Their Freshly Picked Hops?

    Gotcha...about 2.5 gallons per pound of wet hops is a good ball park Results may vary.
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    Anyone Ever Weigh Their Freshly Picked Hops?

    A rule of thumb would be to divide fresh hop weight by 4.5 to approximate "dry" weight equivalent. Fresh hops are about 80% moisture content (m.c.) and dry hops are between 8-10% m.c. Say you have 100 grams of wet hops, that would be 80 grams water and 20 grams dry matter. If you assume...
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    Force carbonation calculator

    It won't work to fill the head space with a high pressure because that pressure would be too high. If you're trying to deliver ~2.4volumes CO2 and the headspace in a 5 gallon keg is 0.125 gallon and the residual volumes from fermentation is about 0.9 volumes then you'll need 10psi/volumes...
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    Transfer finished carbonated beer from one keg to another?

    Can't you turn the relief valve 90 degrees to lock in in the up position? What I usually do is start loosening the relief valve (turning counter clockwise) after I connect the jumper cable until it barely starts to hiss then I leave it there assuming is 1-2 psi lower than the tank pressure -...
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    Better cooling efficiency with counterflow wort chiller

    I'd tend to agree with that. Anything over 1gpm in the outer hose is plenty turbulent. I also agree with the idea of either running the wort up from the bottom of the CFC to the top or putting a valve on the downstream end of the CFC to make sure the tube is completely filled. I don't...
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    Better cooling efficiency with counterflow wort chiller

    One "problem" with the CFCs is that both the water and the wort flow need to be flowing fast enough to be turbulent (mixing). If you throttle back the wort (say below 0.5gpm for a 1/2" OD pipe or 0.375gpm for a 3/8" OD pipe) the flow switches from turbulent to laminar(non-mixing). The result...
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    Help me invent a rotating dry hopper

    Why not just put the keg on a lazy-susan. Then it would just take a small motor to keep the whole thing spinning since the only energy input needed is to overcome the friction of the ball bearings. I'd try it with a remote control car motor - those have some pretty good torque.
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    BU:GU question - isn't FG more meaningful?

    I am a convert of the "Balance Value" method as discussed on this website.
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    Shrimp boil beer... or, I've gone crazy and need to be stopped

    I think the amount of salt needed to make shrimp taste good basically makes it sea water. Who doesn't like a nice tall glass of carbonated ocean? "Water, water everywhere, so let's all take a drink" - Homer Simpson
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    Uh oh. Grain to glass orange wit in two weeks?

    I'd say 68 degrees for 4 days then 72-74 for the next 8 days to finish strong and cold crash as you stated. Belgian's like it a little warmer than the average ale yeast. If you put it on CO2 at 30psi for 24-36 hours it should be carbonated pretty close to 2.4 volumes more reliably then the...
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    Getting enough yeast for 10gal+ batches

    Don't tell anybody but...I put one drop of fermcap in my starters. That's why I can run 1.9L in a 2L flask.
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    Getting enough yeast for 10gal+ batches

    Do 2 step starter. This is what I do for a 10.5 gallon batch of 1.050 lager. Make a 1.9L starter (from a single vial/pouch) for 24-36 hours then cold crash overnight, decant and put a fresh charge of boiled and chilled wort on top of the cake to run another 1.9L starter for 24 hours...
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    Calling all math geeks: Force carbonation math!

    So to answer the question about calculating volumes of CO2 based on Pressure, Temperature, and time... Volumes (Pa,T,t) = [(0.17*Pa*(1-e^(-0.014*t)))+3.04]*e^[(0.0006*Ln(Pa*(1-e^(-0.014*t)))-0.02)*T] Pa is gauge pressure in psi T is Temperature in F t is time in hours *Assumptions...
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    Best commercial Octoberfest?

    Anyone else had the one from Licher? Theirs is low on color but great on flavor.