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    Carbonation and Apfelwein

    That is weird. Mine are usually plenty carbed after a month. What temp are they sitting at?
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    All Cascade IPA

    The recipe seems a little heavy on the crystal. A lb and a half of crystal is quite a bit for almost any recipe let alone an IPA. I'd cut the 20 and the 60 in half.
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    Yea, 58 degrees is definately on the low side for just about any ale yeast. A dyacetyl rest would probably have helped you out. I'd still say keep it for a while and see if it improves with age.
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    What to do with 2lbs of Blackberries?

    I like the stout idea, or you could go with a nice Blackberry wheat. Maybe 4.5 lbs 2 row, 3.5 lbs wheat, 6 oz crystal 20, single addition of an oz of lower AA (around 5.5%) hop of your choice for 60 min and US-05 yeast. Toss the blackberries in after initial fermentation is done. (that recipe...
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    LME Shelf Life

    I always store mine in the fridge.
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    Pliny the Elder - not attenuating

    With that much corn sugar in there I think it should have dropped a little more. I don't know about 1.013, but I don't think that 1.025 or even 1.020 would be out of the question. The problem is you have already racked it, leaving a ton of viable yeast behind. You could try pitching a couple...
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    2 easy recipes...

    I'd add some bittering hops to the Grand Cru, even if it's just a half ounce or so. I don't think there will be enough bitterness in the prehopped can to balance out all the extra fermentables you are adding, especially if you add honey. Let us know how using 2 different types of yeasts...
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    My IPA is possessed by satan

    Nope, 64 sounds perfect too me (pretty good temp for just about any ale yeast). The aggressive fermentation means that the yeast are happy, I'd say leave them alone and let them party!!!
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    some weirdness

    I always boil my bottle caps. Starsan should do it, but it doesn't take any extra time to boil them, and I like having the peace of mind.
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    RIS question

    You don't need a starter for dry yeast. But with a gravity that high it wouldn't have been a bad idea to pitch 2 packets at the beginning instead of one.
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    Hop Pellets - Strain the Wort?

    Holy thread ressurection batman!!!
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    60F or 67F (need 65F)

    Keep in mind as well that although your basement is 60* the activity within the fermenting beer probably meant it was around 63 or 64.....which is PERFECT.
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    Fruit to Primary?

    Yea, secondary is just for clearing.........I don't know how well the cold crash/gelatin would work with all the fruit in there. I personally wouldn't try it. I don't think the beer will clear real well with all that fruit sitting in there.
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    Apple-Cherry wine questions

    I'd reccomend buying a gallon or 2 of cider that is packaged in the glass jugs.....these work AWESOME for brewing in. Fort Dodge huh?? I have tons of family in Algona (and lived there for a few years when I was in middle school). Haven't made it out there in 2 or 3 years .
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    Fruit to Primary?

    I always put fruit in the primary after the initial fermentation is pretty much done(3 or 4 days usually). It starts back up again, then I let it finish and rack to secondary.
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    Question my motives!

    What he said.
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    weird question?

    Remote Alaskan wilderness
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    Samuel Smith. What CAN'T they do?

    I used to LOVE their Taddy Porter, but I haven't had it in a couple years.......may have to pick up a bottle sometime and see if I like it as much now that my tastes have expanded more.
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    Wow, that sucks big time.
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    something every noob should know

    If I converted a BIG beer from all grain to extract I might deduct a small amount of extract and add corn sugar instead because the extract isn't going to be as fermentable and with big beers this means you don't get down to your final gravity and your end product is sweet. ie instead of 12 lbs...