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    Help with post cancer celebration brew

    Thanks again for the well wishes. An Oktoberfest is on the horizon. RayinUT, good to see a Utah post. I'm in St. George and will be doing my surgery up at Huntsman Cancer. How's it feel to brew now that we are legal in Utah? Not much different I imagine. Thanks again everyone.
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    Testicular Cancer

    Hey, Pysast. I'm sorry to bump this old thread but I would love to hear an update. I am battling colon cancer and just posted about brewing up a celebratory beer for when I beat this thing. Give us an update. I hope all is cancer free.
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    Help with post cancer celebration brew

    Thanks for the input and the kind words. Your right Poobah, I am too young for this, diagnosed just a few weeks shy of my 40th. But, I've come to find out an alarming number of young adults end up with this. Get a colonoscopy at the first sign of something wrong. I like the idea of an...
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    Help with post cancer celebration brew

    I have not posted or been around for awhile. In January I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer. After a surgery on the colon I began chemotherapy. I was told to stay away from alcohol during chemo and I have (almost). Part way through treatment they found metastatic tumors on my liver...
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    Tally, give us your report when you check this place out today. I may need to make a trip down.
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    Anyone Got a Thanksgiving Day Brew?

    I don't know about you guys, but the last few times I have had a dubbel the thought has occured to me that it would be perfect with turkey. I don't have time to brew one but will be picking up a few bottles of Omegang Abbey for the occassion
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    Success Boys! Zima kicks the bucket!

    I might have a Zima in the back of the fridge somewhere. I know my wife bought a variety of Zima, Smirnoff, Barcadi "Malternatives" (I love that word) about a year ago for some friends coming over. The leftovers have been there a while. I keep puting them out for poker night hoping some idiot...
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    SLC brewpubs?

    +1 on Uintah's Cutthroat Pale. Interesting, in Nevada I can buy Uitah's Angler Pale Ale which has the identical logo but higher ABV. I have noticed some of the Utah brewers actively "exporting" to neighboring states their higher abv brews. Uinta's Anniversary Barlywine is also pretty nice.
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    SLC brewpubs?

    If you only go to one brewpub in SLC go to squatters. The one in the airport is a good place to kill time. If you have time you could also try Red Rock Brewing or . Squatters is right downtown and has good food. These guys have perfected making good beer with a 3.2% abv...
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    That is good news. I have been thinking Vegas should be able to support a shop. I make it down there a couple times a month, so that would be cool. Talley, do you know anything about the people opening this up or did you just happen upon the site?
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    How hard is it to bend immersion chiller tubing?

    Go and buy one of those spring bending tools. After you coil it up you will want to put an angle on both ends to get it out of the pot. Insert the tubing into the spring thingy and bend without kinking. Works like a charm.
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    Plastic taste in my kegged beer

    Maybe a dumb question, but, did it taste like plastic before you kegged? I have brewed a couple of plastic batches that I later attributed to chlorinated tap water in the brewing process. But, both of those tasted and smelled like plastic coming out of the fermenter.
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    Scotch Ale

    I have brewed two scottish ales in the low to mid 60s range with no problems.
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    Plastic taste with Wyeast!

    I too doubt it is the yeast. But, I also had a few plastic batches, some with Wyeast and some with other. The most notable batch was an undrinkable cream ale. I, like an idiot, brewed with straight tap water. Since then I have brewed with a filter. I think the chlorine in the tap water was...
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    I'm embarrassed to ask, but what about Fosters Special Bitter?

    I can't help on the recipe, but I will agree with you that it is kind of a nice beer on a hot summer day. I too like drinking out of the big ass can.
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    What's the best San Francisco brewery...

    Jamil talks about the 21st Amendment Brewpub alot on his show. That might be a good possibility.
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    Add coffee to stout at bottling..?

    Interesting, as I am reading this thread the google ad came up with, a "gourmet coffee concentrate." That might be an interesting way to add coffee flavor. And, it comes in a bottle that looks like star san!
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    The Next Step?

    The brewpastor story is pretty cool. Is he still in the brewery business? Hows it going now?
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    Scored a strange contraption...

    2 1/2 feet tall sounds like a 25 pound tank. I just switched to that size and really like it. To big to sit on the hump of my keezer, but not so big that it is cumbersome. Good score.
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    Calling All CPAs - Beer Tax Deductible?

    Ok, I'm just spitballing here. Here me out. I have a theory. I have recently set up a blog where I review new beers I try, new books about beer, places I drink beer etc. Lets say I throw up a few google ads, Amazon Ads, maybe I get lucky down the road and generate traffic warranting...