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    DAP left behind in brew?

    I'm making 5.5 gallons of a lower alcohol wine, around 8%. Starting gravity 1.064. I added 3 teaspoons DAP and 1 teaspoon energizer. I added another 3/1 teaspoons at around a 1.040 gravity. I was in fear the must didn't have many nutrients in it, just some chopped cranberries and invert...
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    Cold crash/acid question

    When you cold crash lets say a wine in the 30's and the tartaric acid drops out will it re dissolve if you warm the wine back up? Just wondering if once the crystals fall out if they are now solid at any temperature or not.
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    Cold crashing/acid reduction question

    I'm trying to avoid the wine diamonds by cold crashing in the carboy so I can remove them of course. I just am wondering if it can, or people have found it to, remove too much acid. I want to have a good balance and not end up with a flabby wine.
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    Cold crashing/acid reduction question

    I have a white grape wine 3 months in the carboy. I tested the acid content which says it's around .080. My question is, how much do people find the acid levels drop when they cold crash wines. I know they say it will reduce the tartaric acid, I'm just wondering how much I could expect it to...
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    screw top bottles with fresh screws

    Never seen one myself. Sounds like it could be a little spendy.
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    Blueberry wine is too hot.

    Looks like it is fermenting to me
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    Calculation question on backsweetening

    Thanks Yooper. I'm actually going to add the 1.5 quarts to my 3 gallon carboy then add the wine to fill it to the top to make a total of 3 gallons "I will just save the leftover dry wine and drink it later. So with your calculations, I'm assuming it will be around a 1.00 or a bit over.
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    high tannin in blackberry wine

    I did a little experiment with blackberry wine myself as my first batch was super bitter. First batch I did pretty much what you're recipe is, give or take a bit. I fermented a bit too long with the berries, which in turn left the seeds in my fruit bag. When I took it out, I wanted to get all...
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    Calculation question on backsweetening

    I'm trying something new this year. I've always added white sugar or the occasional concentrate to cider to sweeten it after fermentation. It was suggested to me by the owner of the vineyard I picked my grapes to freeze some of the original juice, then use to backsweeten it. Question is, if I...
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    Wine, bugs, vineger

    I've been making wine for several years now. The vineyard I pick my grapes from lost pretty much all the grapes this year due to heavy rains. I was able to pick through them and get enough for a 3 gallon batch. Most the grapes, which I tried not to put in my bucket, were split and had bees...
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    Stabilizing and cold crashing question

    Great! That's what I was thinking too and I really didn't want to overdose my wine with sorbate.
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    Stabilizing and cold crashing question

    I stabilized 5 gallons of wine 3 months ago with sorbate and K-meta. I have now been cold crashing to get some of the tartaric acid to crystalize and fall out. My intention is to bottle in a couple more days. I did add some sugar to the wine when I stabilzed it with no problems and may add a...
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    Back sweeting wine

    You can do it now or before bottling, either one. I have done it both ways. Sometimes when I want a selection I backsweeten at bottling time. I take out several 1/2 cups of wine and progressively sweeten them to see which I like and to see how much sweetener to put in each bottle. Sometimes...
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    Adding Invert Sugar to an ESB

    With the amount of grains in your recipe I dont think 1 lb of sugar is going to affect your flavor too much.
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    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    Gameday easy vote for me and anyone else who has ever tasted it.
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    Sanitizing bottles: different than beer?

    It's a personal choice but does not matter. I use star san on everything. Whatever product you choose should be fine.
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    Dryness or Sweetness vs. Specific Gravity

    I recently saw a scale which said dry is .990 to 1.00 medium sweet is 1.00 to 1.008 and sweet is over 1.008. With that being said, I recently was drinking a white zin I thought I would test and it was a 1.10. To me I didn't consider it a particularly "sweet" wine.
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    Best Yeast for Frozen Concentrate Wine

    Thats a tough question to answer. For me it all depends on what wine I'm making from a concentrate. I like Cotes de blanc for apple and certain "white" fruit wines as it seems to hold some of the fruit flavor better. I've used premier cuvee for blackberry juice and had good success. Guess it...
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    Batch tastes yeasty

    First of all you need to make sure your hydrometer readings are not changing to really be sure the fermentation is complete. Check it again after a week or so to see if it has dropped or not. I've made hard lemonades before and usually do not us any clearing agents. I suppose you can bottle...
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    Batch tastes yeasty

    I would let it sit and settle out. What does it look like? Is it still super cloudy? 1 1/2 weeks seems pretty quick to get anything in the bottle. Give it some more time to drop some yeast.