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    My first fermentation explosion

    My very first batch was in the basement. The morning after pitching, I was asleep on the second floor when the lid blew so hard that it literally shook the floor above. My ex wife heard/felt it but, unfathomably, did nothing. I discovered it a couple of hours later and couldn't believe she...
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    Happy Holiday Ale

    High temps should generally be avoided during primary, "active" fermentation, but during maturation, they're fine. Of course, by "high" I'm talking upper 70s and 80s. I have no I dea what going significantly higher might do and don't feel the need to find out!
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    What does your LHBS charge?

    Where I live, that'd about $30.
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    Yeast Choice for Imperial Porter?

    I'd say Notty. Just keep the temperature down if you can.
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    Don't worry about it. US-05 is a champ and will ferment just fine at those temps.
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    Wheat beer tastes like rye?

    Was this flaked grain? I was just wondering of some rye got mixed in with the wheat, which would be hard to tell if not looking specifically for it in flaked grain.
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    Picture of my stupidity

    Wow! What a mess. Sorry to hear about all this.
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    How much hop is to much

    I don't know if this will be helpful at all, but I have yet to find my upper limit. Now, I'm a hophead, but I think you can experiment heavy and find what you like.
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    Red wheat vs White wheat

    In small amounts, it should make no difference. I'd love to hear from those who have used large amounts regarding flavor and color.
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    My Tongue Burns a Bit with Hydro Sample

    With that setup, all I can think of is fusels. But I dunno....
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    Red wheat vs White wheat

    The only difference is that white wheat lacks the three genes that cause the red coloration. The compounds created by these genes are tannic. It makes a difference in baking bread (flavor-wise), but it may or may not make a difference in brewing. I'm guessing little, if any.
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    Stuck Fermentation Barley Wine

    What was the mash type and temp(s)? I've used US-05 to take my 1111 barley wine all the way dow to 1012 with no real coaxing, so you should have been fine, yeast-wise.
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    A little freaked out

    My bad. I misread and thought the flies were inside the bucket (and I was a bit surprised you were even asking the question). Yes, you're fine.
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    Racking my brain...

    What's wrong with using S-04 for those stouts? I've had good luck with that combination.
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    A little freaked out

    Toss it. Fruit flies don't wash their hands.
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    Disaster: Phenols

    And suddenly you have - ta da! - a Belgian beer!
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    blown lid on fermenter. can it be fixed?

    My very first batch blew so hard the lid hit the ceiling and shook the main floor. I put it back on hours later (long story). Turned out great. Soldier on!
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    I love hops!

    Hops!! Hooooooooooooops!!!!!
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    Using champagne yeast

    GuldTuborg's right. I've taken US-05 up to 13.5% with no problems. I did, however, repitch with champagne yeast for bottling. (As an aside, the English word for "Schaum" is "foam." ;) )
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    Not paying attention to my partial grain bad will it turn out?

    As long as those were grains that didn't need actual mashing, I think you'll be okay. It's not ideal, but okay. However, if you boiled the honey, you'll get little or no discernable honey note in the final product. (If you bottle with honey as the primer, however, you will.)