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    Foam during the boil

    I made a "toffee" chocolate stout last night, and ran into something I haven't seen yet while brewing. First off, I'll detail what was in the pot. 1.8kg Muntons Irish Style Stout 1.0kg light DME (half of which was initially boiled in a small volume of water to carmalize) 0.25kg chocolate...
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    birthday brew

    So my birthday is coming up in a month and a half, and I've been off the kettle for a good three months now. Figured now would be a good time to jump back in and make a tasty brew. I'm looking for some advice on a beer, probably mostly extract based. I have dreams of smooth toffee flavours, and...
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    Considerations on a barleywine

    Hello everyone, I've decided to take on a bit of a length project. I want to brew a barleywine this christmas and then store it until next christmas as a gift. I don't want to take on such a project and then make a mistake ruining months of work so I am going to lay out what I am doing and...
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    Twist on White Beer

    Well the thing is the clarity isn't a problem as it is a white beer, and already cloudy. But I may try pasturizing it by bringing a seperate pot to a boil and then tossing the run off from the lemonade in, covering it with the heat off and leaving it to sit for awhile then adding it into the...
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    Twist on White Beer

    Type staghorn sumac into google and you'll get a bunch of hits about it.
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    Twist on White Beer

    airborneguy- I'm not sure there is much data out there on the oils in the plant. I had trouble finding any nutrition facts. I've had the stuff many times before, and it's quite good, so I'm curious what fermentation will do. When I get around to it I guess I'll find out how the head holds up...
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    Twist on White Beer

    When I first started homebrewing I had a dream. The dream evolved from a book I had called "Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants". Being originally from a small town mid-ontario I had a lot of exposure to bushcraft. The idea of making a beer from purely Canadian wild ingredients was fascinating...
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    Bottle search

    Thanks for the offer Revvy, but being a student I tend to be a little short for time and I'm a good 3 hours from the border. I may ask the local beer store if I can purchase bottles of of them, seems to be the cheapest option.
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    Bottle search

    I also need caps and a capper. I'd rather just get it all in one go then trying trying to scavange around. However, there appears to be no Canadian sites that sell glass bottles. It feels almost as if glass is banned in Canada.
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    Bottle search

    I'm not a big fan of the online market, as everywhere I have lived has had a small homebrew warehouse of some kind. The problem I have run into, however, is that all of these local places now stock purely plastic bottles. While some people seem to love them I personally love the presentation of...
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    Is My Beer Done Fermenting

    I believe in the september 2009 issue of Brew Your Own they presented some "research" where people racked half of their beer and left the other half in the primary. After so many weeks they sampled the beer and almost everyone decided that there was no difference (or the beer left longer in the...
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    Determining AA%

    The process is pretty complicated I think. I think if you refridgerate the hops and then dissolve the wax off of it and react it with a lead compound of some sort and the alpha acid will come out of solution and through come good old fashion centrifuging and analytical chemistry you can...
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    Style Mishap

    Thanks! I think I will call it a malt liquor then. It is very cloying with a rich malt and caramel flavour, almost buttery but not quite (I blame this entirely on the massive quantities of crystal malt). It's a little chewy and has a subtle coffee aftertasted. A little vinous but no overwhelming...
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    Style Mishap

    I thought I would go wild and make a stout by the loosest definitions. I'm not sure what I ended up with, and I was wondering if anyone could help me define the style. It tastes very sweet, with only a slightly coffee-ish aftertaste. It's good though, I just don't know what to call it. It's not...
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    Weird Krausen

    Thanks. I'm sure you've gotten good at this with all the times you've answered the same stock question. I'm in school for my Bsc. in Chemistry right now. Us chemist are a different breed than biologists, we like consistancy dammit! But I guess I'll have to accept that the yeast have a PhD in...
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    Weird Krausen

    I brewed a sweet chocolate stout, and it's been in the primary for about a week and a day. I used 1.5kg of coopers dark extra, 1.2kg of some pale ale extract whose brand I cannot remember, 1cup of brown sugar, 3oz of bakers chocolate, 1lbs of chocolate malt, 1lbs of crystal malt, and half cup of...
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    Grape Stout?

    I know there is a beer cocktail called black velvet, which is guiness and white wine. But I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of incorperating grape juice directly into the brewpot while making a stout.