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    problems with my melomel experiment

    So I decided to try a first time experiment with melomel using buckwheat honey and Pomegranate-raspberry cocktail juice. I used a 1/2 a lb of buckwheat honey and dissolved it in one quart of filtered water and gave adding bentonite a try as someone mentioned it can be used in wine to help the...
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    more alcohol for cider???

    Distiller's yeast is specialized in producing the highest ABV to maximize the amount that can be distilled, nothing more. Using it just for brewing will just make any brew an undrinkable hooch. There's more to homebrewing then just producing alcohol.
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    My first big batch

    Well the idea is I want to go for an apple pie like flavor. Apple pie is traditional holiday dessert and I wanted to attempt to recreate that in the form of a Cider. :)
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    My first big batch

    Well after telling some relatives about my homebrew experiments they encouraged me to go through with my holiday cider idea so on New Years Eve I prepped my first 5 gallon batch of cider. So here's the plan: 5 gallons unfiltered Apple Juice (ShopRite brand, tastes pretty good and there's no...