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  1. K

    Asheville, NC happenings

    +1 for Jack of the Wood. Upstairs is a restraunt called the laughing seed (the pub shares the kitchen). Best veggie burger I've ever had and they also have sweet potato fries that have jalepenos and onions in them. Fantastic. Pisgah brewing is one of my favorite brews up there, although I've...
  2. K

    Brewmasters Warehouse

    +1 on the barbell stirbars. I'd love to be able to see examples of them and find one that works with both 1/2 and 1 gallon glass jugs with convex bottoms. I know I could just go order them somewhere else, but I'd like the opportunity to come by the shop and see them, plus support BMW a little...
  3. K

    Huge "brewery" disaster, need some advice

    This is the worst post I've seen in a while. Dear God, I'm sorry for you. Someone other than you (renter or landlord) should make this right and provide cleanup, and replacement of anything effected by this. Just damn.
  4. K

    Every time I'm sad...

    I really wish someone would point out what is so funny.
  5. K

    My Immersion Chiller is Corroding

    I've heard that the green is bad and can be poisonous. Sorry, no details as I'm not up too knowlegable about that, just passing along what I've heard. Like others have stated, I'm under the impression that what you want is the dull finish as that forms a protective layer that prevents...
  6. K

    Whiskey Barrel Filled

    Man, I hope you didn't add too much whiskey. I brewed a robust porter and used 2 oz of Maker's Mark and an ounce of oak chips in a 5 gallon batch and thought it was too intense. The barrel presumably has some whiskey remaining, plus more than a bottle of Beam? I guess you can always brew more...
  7. K

    Inglourious Basterds

    I loved the film, broke in my bluray player with this movie. The other day I came across this Urban Dictionary Definition, Bonjourno: The way to greet a Nazi that speaks french when you are an American disguised as an Italian.
  8. K

    First Lager Fermentation Question

    Update...Over the last few weeks I've gotten pretty good at maintaining constant temperatures using this setup and adding ice when needed. There is so much thermal mass that the trick is to look at the weather forecast and when the daytime highs are expected to be more than about 5 degrees...
  9. K

    Hello from Atlanta

    Hello from Decatur. Maybe I'll see you in Brickstore sometime.
  10. K

    Hop Poles

    FYI, white PVC is not UV stable and will become brittle. Depending on exposure, I've seen it become brittle enough to crack with your hand in as little as a couple of years. US Plastics recommends, "For UV resistance of PVC pipe and fittings, paint with a white water based latex paint." I've...
  11. K

    Adding water at priming

    I don't know about adding water at this point, as I've never done it I'm neither advising or recommending against. However, I do know that water that has been boiled for a while is basically free of any dissolved gasses. So long as you cool and fairly quickly and add without reaerating it, I...
  12. K

    First Lager Fermentation Question

    Pleased to report that last night the blow off tube started bubbling about once every second. 72 hours of lag, but it's rocking now!
  13. K

    Planning Wedding Shower - Need Beer Ideas

    Alesmith Horny Devil is a good name, but I haven't seen Alesmith beers here in Georgia. He's having several showers and we've intentionally only invited around 40 people to this one that are foodies and would enjoy a good beer. We're smoking turkeys and Boston Butt and will have local...
  14. K

    Planning Wedding Shower - Need Beer Ideas

    So, I'm involved with the planning of a wedding shower for one of my good friends and I've been put in charge of the beer. Last night I was working on coming up with the beer list while enjoying a Bell's Two Hearted Ale and I thought, that's an appropriately named beer that fits a wedding...
  15. K

    First Lager Fermentation Question

    Thanks for all the input gxm. I'll post updates on the progress.
  16. K

    First Lager Fermentation Question

    I pitched two 11.5 gram packets of rehydrated dried yeast. I still think that is underpitched, but oh well. Still no off gassing from the blow off tube tonight, 48 hours after pitching. I gave it another 1 minute long blast of O2 and sealed everything back up. I also checked all the...
  17. K

    First Lager Fermentation Question

    gxm, the thermal mass is a good idea. I've got it in a huge rubbermaid container, probably 4' long by 2' wide by 2' tall and have it filled with water to about half way up the keg. I add ice to the water as needed. The top half of the keg has the fermwrap taped to it and is covered by a...
  18. K

    First Lager Fermentation Question

    Yeah, I know. Plans for a full size lagering fridge, glycol system, etc are in the works. Until then I'm trying to make do. Light isn't a problem since I'm fermenting in a 15.5 gallon Sanke.
  19. K

    First Lager Fermentation Question

    I brewed a 13 gallon batch of Vienna Lager yesterday. This is my first lager and brewday went great. I'm fermenting in a Sanke Keg using one of Derrin's nifty converters with racking cane, blow off and thermowell. I chilled to 65 degrees with my immersion chiller, then racked into the keg...
  20. K

    Safeale S-04 yeast

    Brewed a sweet potato/pumpkin pie spice ale on Sunday. 5.75 gallon batch with a starting gravity of 1.061. Cooled to 66 degrees f, oxygenated with pure O2 and 0.2 micron diffusing stone for 30 seconds. Pitched one 11.5 gram package of S-04 without rehydrating and shook a little to get the...