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    Wanted Want to buy/Trade: IPB-16 PID Heater

    I've got an original IPB-16 that I bought for a 120v ebiab build that I ended up changing plans to go to 240v setup. Plugged in all of once to see menu operation Would be happy to sell it if it would work for you. Can send pics if needed
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    Spike Solo+ Controller

    I think the others have covered the spike vs Auber issue pretty well. The spike panel is built by ebrewsupply and appears to have a second aux switch to run a pump for spikes steam control lid. Ebrewsupply sells their complete Biab panel for $575 or 375 if you do all the assembly. Auber cube...
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    EBIAB planning build vs buy controller.

    I thought about doing something similar but I don't think just switching the PID output is a proper way to achieve element lockout. SSRs can fail and when that happens it's usually in the on position. A upstream switch on the PID won't prevent that. Best way is a 30a 2 pole switch or using that...
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    EBIAB planning build vs buy controller.

    Thanks for the insight. I'm encouraged with all the wiring diagrams and information shared freely on HBT. I think your point about the E-stop is correct as long as i have a breaker or switch for main power easily accessible the function needs are met. I like the design and layout of the...
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    EBIAB planning build vs buy controller.

    Installed a 30amp GFCI breaker and outlet in my garage to enable electric brewing. Have been using a Bayou classic 11gallon pot for the past 9 years and brewing on propane with a mesh bag in the punched basket. Goal is to continue with a single vessel system. Thinking about stepping up to a...
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    50% off for Inkbird Pre-wired PID Temperature Controller, Asking for Review

    If this is still available I'd love to get a coupon and give an honest review. I've got a plan to use this as a PID control for a 120V EBIAB system. I've used existing INKBIRD products in my kegerator temp controllers and they run very well.
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    "Oktoberfest Ale" Advice

    I've got something close rocking right now. 8lbs Munich 10L 3lbs Vienna 0.5lbs Munich 20L 0.5lbs CaraMunich 0.25lbs CaraVienne 1 Oz Tettanager 4.7AA @ 60min 1 oz Hallertau Mittelfruh @ 25min I'm Using US-05 @ 64F I do BIAB and mashes at 152-154 for 70 min and then used a gallon...