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    How do you add your pellet hops?

    When you add your pellet hops do you put them right in the boil, or do you put them in a hop bag? I have been using a bag since I started brewing and have wondered if I get full utilization this way. What is everyones thoughts and opinions on this?
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    getting nervous

    I have Brew Smith so I know that will help. Guess I'm just more concerned about the change in the city water and how it is going to affect the brew. Im not a big buff on water chemistry and I was used to some very good kegged home brew. I would like to say RDWHAHB but I have been out for...
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    getting nervous

    Going to brew for the first time in seven month. My kegs have been empty for two long and it is time to brew again. Going to Midwest on Saturday to pick up six batches worth to get me started again. I try to remember everything, and I know I will forget something. All my brewing stuff has...
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    8.9 cu ft freezer at Lowes

    Most freezers are made in St. Cloud, MN. Big plant there that I worked at years ago. Not sure of all the brands they make anymore but when I was there they produced 90% of freezers in the US and about 60% in the world.
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    Odd formations two hours after pitching

    Looks like the yeast have started their magical work.
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    Brass fittings on Mash Tun?

    Discoloration is good, powdery corrosion is bad. I have brass in my MLT, a copper wort chiller and an aluminum boil pot. All of them are discolered (seasoned) and should not be scrubbed to a shiney new look. As long as they dont build up with corrosion all is good.
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    First AG lager

    Ok I checked and it recomends a 6.8l starter. Does this sound correct? Guess I didnt think I would need 2 gal worth of starter. I did a 2q for a .080 ale and it firmented out in three day so I guessed a 3q for a .070 lager would be sufficient. I know you need more yeast for a...
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    First AG lager

    I'm going to attempt to do my first lager. I was wondering how far in advance should I get the yeast starter going and what temp? I am using Wyeast 2206 and my target OG is .070, so I plan on making a 3q starter. Also wondering at what temp do I start to ferment at? Do I start at ale temp...
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    Michelob doing good things?

    Had the Dunkel and did not think it was all bad. Have not tried any of the other's though. I went to Madison, WI this week and loaded up on good beer. Capitol, New Glarus and Lake Louie mmmmmmmmmmm.
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    Sulphury Ciders

    Made my first fresh cider this year and bottled it tonight. It has been firmenting for 8 weeks and FG was .006. I used Cotes des Blanc for the yeast with no extra sugar added (started at .058) and used campden also in the beginning. I racked to a bottling bucket and started to bottle, the...
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    Stuck at .030

    Ok I know this kind of post comes up all the time but I'm going to post it again. I brewed my first big beer and I'm stuck at .030. Started out at .083 and was hoping to get to around .020. I mashed at 155, had a 2q starter and added neutriant to primary. The beer has been in primary for one...
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    Better bottle VS Glass??

    Just lost a 6.5 glass to gravity today. It had 2.5 gal of Starsan in it and it was a mel of a hess. Enough water went all over that it came through into the basement celing and the sheet rock got wet. I am now switching to all Better Bottle because I do not need a shard of glass in one of my...
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    Adjusting a BarleyCrusher Gap

    Get a feeler gauge (measures in incraments of .001 of an inch)from an auto parts store so you can measure the gap to make sure your rollers are parallel after adjusting.
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    whoa, apfelwein is tart!

    Use Cotes de blanc for the yeast next time. It will leave your FG around .008 giving you a little more sweetness.
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    using O2 to aerate

    How long do you aerate using pure O2 through a stainless air stone befor pitching? I've been using an air pump and filter but just got an O2 regulator. Do you still use the filter when using O2
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    5 Gallon water jug

    If it is PETE use it. If your still unsure you can mail it to me and I'll use it.:)
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    What are you brewing this weekend?

    First attempt at a dubble with homemade amber candy sugar ($.50 to make and 45 min boil to get color).
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    How to make a stainless braid for MLT?

    How do you get the rubber out of a stainless steel braided supply line. I'm going to make one for my new MLT and was wondering what the easiest way is to remove the rubber hose. Thanks
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    how many campden tablets?

    Got 5 gal of fresh pressed apple juice today and was wondering how many campden tablets to add.