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  1. J

    Moving back to Michigan. (Re-introduction)

    I've been coming to this forum for quite a while, but haven't been brewing or coming here much lately, because things have been turbulent for me. I am about to get divorced and move back to my hometown Grand Rapids, MI. I'm looking forward to enjoying the simple pleasures again... brewing...
  2. J

    White Stripes--why didn't I get the f-ing memo?

    check out The Soledad Brothers too. I don't think they are really together right now though. I think they are in indefinite side-project mode.
  3. J

    Any Musicians out there?

    I play guitar, some harmonica and whatever else I can get my hands on to mess around with. I played sax in H.S. and was pretty good at it, but i would suck at it now. I played in a couple punk-ska bands in college, then started my own rockabilly/roots rock band after that...
  4. J

    Recommend "New" Bands

    hey, I almost forgot about this thread. I have some more to add - some that I've discovered recently and have been listening to constantly: The Waxwings Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings The Minus 5
  5. J

    Favorite bands of all time....

    mmmm... bong water. Bong water ale anyone? I might work in an RIS!
  6. J

    Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock'd N00b Advice

    Get a long-handled metal stirring spoon. Don't bother with those plastic ones that come with kits. My first couple batches had trace amounts of scorched plastic from the thing burning up against the bottom of the pot.
  7. J

    Favorite bands of all time....

    I could never settle on just 5, off the top of my head though: Iggy & The Stooges The Blasters/ Dave Alvin The Clash John Coltrane NY Dolls/ Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers
  8. J


    my new batch of cider is good. I'm drinking it warm right now because it hasn't gotten into the fridge yet. I tried one 'bout 5 days ago and it tasted like drywall soaked in listerine. not that i really know what drywall tastes like, but i remember desperate times when i worked temp jobs at the...
  9. J

    Redneck pickup lines

    nuff said, I got nuthin'!
  10. J

    WTF: Help me understand this recent cultural phenomena

    Revvy: yeah, that's what I'm talking about.... GRRRR ....RRRRR ...URRRRRR!
  11. J


    I should advise all of you to NEVER come to Hawaii. After several months of working in a hardware store here, I am appalled by the things (or should I say "tings") that come out of my mouth: "Eh, you stay waiting for 'un propane fill? (spoken as if a statement, rather than a question) ...I get...
  12. J

    WTF: Help me understand this recent cultural phenomena

    Ok, this one is not so much that I don't get it, more like "why now?": Why did the punk rock /gothabilly look suddenly become so popular lately? I was representing the rockabilly/punk style for better than a DECADE and I was a social outcast because of it! You wouldn't believe the funny looks I...
  13. J

    brain fart ale, maybe?

    yup, it would be a california common, if i had gotten the right yeast, i really liked the way it came out the last time, a slight fruity character that balanced out well without too much extra conditioning. It will be interesting to see the difference when this one is done, only there are other...
  14. J

    brain fart ale, maybe?

    tuesday was a brew day for me. The first in a while, and it felt good. There will be much more in the near future. I was attempting a 2nd version of my Do Re Mi Steam Beer, but I was a complete moron and bought WLP001 California Ale Yeast instead of the San-Fran Lager yeast. I'm sure it...
  15. J

    Question about my California Common

    I did a CC a while ago in way less ideal conditions than you seem to have. It blew out the airlock twice and still turned out fricken awesome. You'll have a good one for Christmas for sure. Be sure to save some for new years too!
  16. J

    Recommend "New" Bands

    Moody ambient/indie vibe: Andrew Bird The Sea And cake Paul Weller Git down, funky and drunky party music: The Dirtbombs The Black Keys Vietnam Delta 72 Aggressive/political revolt style jams: Sleater Kinney Damian "Junior Gong" Marley Radio Birdman (not new, but new to most people) The Templars
  17. J

    Photos of your part of the world

    Wianae Mtns, view looking across Schofield Barracks: Sunset: Afternoon: SWMBO and rugrat at Ehukai (Banzai Pipeline) just after sunset (taken on phone): And here is the front yard of my real home back in Michigan:
  18. J

    Federal crooks exposed

    I saw this yesterday, I know nothing in here is a big secret, but this really puts it into context. Warning: it's really long, but it you're like me you won't be able to peel yourself away once you hit play. Of course by sharing this, I'm not advocating not paying your taxes, but we need to...
  19. J

    ICONCLAST make-over

    one thing I'm noticing in all but one of those examples is this: a black border (with or without drop shadow) and a thin white space separating it from the inside image. This seems to make it pop.
  20. J

    Slam Poetry

    that guy's voice sounds so much like Jello Biafra it's scary.