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    New logo

    could you (would you be willing) to make that a cutout shape rather than just the rectangular shape? i bet that would look awesome on a bottle, with maybe just a slight color change for better contrast against a brown bottle.
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    just what the world needs...

    where did the "whoo hoo!" sticker on the mlt come from? i'm envious of it.
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    Combining turkey frying and brewing

    actually i know a guy who made a variant on the cock ale that came out ok. he used various pieces of chicken meat rather than a whole bird, which he cooked slightly to avoid infection and dry-spiced/hopped/meat-ed a base scotch ale. the bottle i had was good but others said theirs tasted funny...
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    slow ferment

    I'm making a dry mead that started pretty high (1.122) and has been fermenting at a slightly cool ambient temperature--the thermometer stuck to my fermenter has said about 65 degF. It's been in the bucket for just shy of two weeks and the gravity is still in the 1.060 range. Should i rack it to...
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    WORST Non-homebrew you've had!

    worst national beer: icehouse. it's hard to avoid in a fraternity house, but still tastes like horse balls worst local beer: nimbus abbey style ale. all esters and alcohol, no malty balance. it tasted like i drank a glass of banana schnapps. i drank about 1/4 of it and poured the rest down...
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    Gowing Hops By Zone has info on UVM extension research on hops growing in VT. the work is not recent (no new posts since 1999) but the information is likely still valid.
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    2 questions 1 post

    For mrkristofo, the question about transplants was more about moving the whole plant rather than a root cutting. If/when I move would it be possible to swap out the whole plant (probably cutting off most of the upper vine growth) rather than starting all over again from a rhizome? eriktlupus...
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    2 questions 1 post

    There is a high probability that I will be coming into some hop rizhomes in the near future. Unfortunately I live in a less than ideal climate (Tucson, AZ) and living situation (apartment) to grow. I'm looking for advice to deal with both problems, perhaps simultaneously. 1-- How will hops...
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    Who Else Is Brewing Today?

    watching my blonde ale boil as i type. mostly 2-row with some wheat and 10L to punch up the flavor a bit. flavoring with saaz and the dregs of other noble hops that have been in my freezer for too long. it should be in the bucket by 2pm MST. meanwhile i'm sitting here plotting and scheming...
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    Favorite Bottles

    i've got two cases (minus 2--clumsy roommate) of the old budweiser bottles which are taller, thicker and sturdier than most bottles made currently. they look just the same but they feel bulletproof and i love having em because i know they won't break under pressure. i've also got a soft spot...
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    Stategy for winning hockey games

    the drinking-skating relationship has a pretty steep threshold though. we used to go drunk (and periodically drink at) our fraternity intramural hockey games. we would be fast and loose in the first period and falling coming over the boards by the third.
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    Time For The Year-End Tally (How Much Did You Brew?)

    30gals in 2007 (25 beer, 5 apfelwein). 5 in the bucket for 2008. started in june and i'm doing about one batch a month. not bad on a grad student's income and schedule.
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    If SWMBO was a Beer....

    she said: (american) hefeweizen from draft to a pint glass i said: a medium-bodied cream ale in the same vessel (maybe just a 5L jug) i'll have to get brewing so we can have a taste-off to decide.
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    Syracuse Brew-pub Scene?

    f.x. matt is also the home to these guys: if you are looking for a more interesting and moderately collectible method of serving your beer. i understand some of the original editions of the schultz and dooley steins are rather valuable.
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    Who are you?

    1. How old are you? 24 2. Marital status Single, long-term and she's moving out here to start law school come next fall 3. Do you have kids? No 4. Where do you live? Tucson, AZ (originally Fayetteville [near Syracuse], NY) 5. What is your occupation? Grad Student, Hydrology and...
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    Poultry and Homebrew 'don't mix'...

    a fellow homebrewer made a variation of the cock ale recently. it tasted ok but the finish was a bit greasy. others said it tasted like balls. hooooo!
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    Immersion Chiller

    the cat's ass is clearly an underused idiom and i wish more people would use it. also, immersion chillers are awesome things. i put mine on a 170gpm fountain pump and it can handle a full boil just fine...
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    Would videos of a Sanyo conversion be useful?

    ohiobrewtus, this might also be worth posting to a site like instructables ( or some other more widely viewed DIY website. i know this site carries a large population of homebrewers but there may be other homebrewers and beer enthusiasts out there who could use the info as...
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    An observation

    Having now been homebrewing since June, and with 3 beers completed, one conditioning and another in the bucket, I had a lovely little observation tonight. I opened up my fridge and had two sixers (one LHBS kit IPA, one my recipe PM red) two remanent bottles of my first kit steam and some bottles...
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    overshot my saccharification--any way to save it?

    i just went with about 1/3 lb. light dme to shore up the gravity. i was only off my pre boil gravity by about 7-8 points. it's in the bucket now so we'll see how it turns out in a couple of weeks. thanks for the advice and i'll check on amylase next time i'm in the lhbs.