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    On the cleaninh of carboys...

    I soak with oxyclean... if there's anything in there that needs scrubing, I just shove a washcloth into the carboy with a little water, and shake it to swish it around...
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    Brews/Propane Refill

    I imagine a lot of the folks here not getting much out of their tanks are swapping them rather than having them filled.... I believe blue rhino says right on their label that it's only 14lbs in there... I have two tanks, and fill one at my local ACE when it's empty for $13...
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    Has anyone tried these--waterproof beer bottle boxes?

    I'd rather have european style beer crates... the kind that are like milk crates kinda, but made for beer bottles. Anyone know a source?
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    Top Off in the Bottling Bucket?

    I've done it, just by boiling half a gallon with my priming sugar... I extract brew, so ingredients for 5g always go in... if there's only 4g in the fermenter, it ain't gonna make it "watery" to bring it up to 5g.
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    steeping grains in the snow...

    My aluminum kettle keeps 5gal steady for 30min at steeping temps outside with the burner off... So well that it kinda makes me wonder why all grain brewers bother with a cooler to mash in....
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    How do you lower your costs of brewing?

    $50/batch is acceptable to me. It's cheaper than Sam Adams (figure $50/batch is $12.50/12pk) at that point, and that's what I'd be buying otherwise as a daily swill.... If you're talking Belgians, HB is always cheaper.
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    calculating extract volume for a full boil

    Northern Brewer ships their LME in plastic milk jugs.... I think a half gallon is 6lbs?
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    So much trub and boil off leaving not enough beer!

    the sediment on the bottom of my carboy always looks like a LOT the first day a couple hours after pitching.... then the yeast storm happens, then when it all settles out for good, it's MUCH less... all nice and compact at the bottom.
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    partially filled bottle - OK?

    I take the road less travelled. I top up that last bottle with tapwater. (I mark it and set it aside tho...)
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    glass front cooler= kegerator?

    I had a free retail glass-door fridge... I got rid of it because it cost me like $25/mo to run it...
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    Am I spending too much money to brew beer?

    Not counting equipment, even extract brewing is cheaper than buying beer, for me anyway. Figure one batch, I usually spend about $40-50 or so at my LHBS... that gets me around 2 cases of beer. 2 cases of plain old Sam Adams, at $13.50 a 12pack around here, is $54.
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    Lost: The End

    Seasons 2 and first part of 3 sucked because they didn't know how long they would have to make the series last, and started to write fluff episodes (diamond smugglers?) and have other people write episodes. Once they got the green light to end it at season 6, the writing improved and the plot...
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    Best way to determine temp of beer in opaque food-grade bucket?

    Yes it does, and is accurate enough for these purposes.
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    How much do you stir your wort to cool it? picture

    I stir using my IC, chill is noticably faster.
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    NOT boiling DME for full 60min

    The only hopped extract I've ever used was a hopped DME.
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    My landlord told me to stop brewing!

    Why? Landlord can tell you not to do otherwise legal things with your apartment, like smoking and owning pets... how is this any different?
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    Small gusher, pour then flat

    not more chilling time, just more time @ 70... 3 weeks @ 70 is an "at least" measure... try one at 3 weeks, dont just throw them in the fridge.
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    Protip: Always carry carboys with TWO hands

    +1 on brewhauler. takes the wet/slippery out of the equation.
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    How is your current pipeline looking?

    Ingredients: NB Patersbier & a Triplel Fermenting: NB Patersbier Carbing: ESB & Blonde Drinking: Stout and Amber But I tend to lay off for the summer because the temp control is too hard. My basement is a rock (really, it's granite) solid 62 all winter.
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    Thicker head? Smaller head bubbles? how to?

    My beers tend to have larger head bubbles, and not the thick, creamy, even lumpy head I associate with my favorite bought beers... The head lasts long enough, and there's nice lacing as I drink, but the bubble size is generally more what I associate with soda than with beer. Brewing full...