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    Northern Brewer - Dry Dock Urca Vanilla Porter Pro Series

    I typically add 2 beans, split and scraped, soaked in an ounce or so of vodka for about 30 mins, then add the vodka, beans, and all to secondary. Let stand for a week, and keg or bottle. Guess the actual amount of beans could vary, depending on both the original malt bill, and the vanilla...
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    Vanilla Porter failed to carbonate

    I made a vanilla porter, using a recipe I've used in the past, with good results. This is the first time I've added vanilla beans. Have always used real vanilla extract in the past. Did a primary fermentation for about 8-9 days, then racked to secondary to let it settle out - which is what...
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    Adding Vanilla Beans

    I'm in the process of brewing a Vanilla Porter. Will be using Vanilla beans this time. Have used vanilla extract in the past, so this is a new technique for me. What I want to know is: can I just split the beans, scrape out the goo and add it directly to secondary, or do I need to do anything...
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    always losing CO2 from canister

    I have two CO2 systems here at my house. A 20# that runs my kegerator, with three 5 gal kegs inside. the Tank sits outside the frig, line runs thru side of the frig to a manifold, so I can turn off individual kegs when I want to. Only time I do that is if I am carbonating one, and then I turn...
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    Started my first batch of hard cider. Constructive criticism welcome!

    Started my first hard cider today, too. I used: 4 gallons pasteurized cider 2 packets Cotes des Blancs yeast Yeast nutrient Aim is for a sparkling cider. We'll see how it goes...
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    Another Dry Hop Q

    Fairly new to AG brewing. Simple equipment - nothing like a hop rocket. Making a CDA at the moment. Five hop additions during the boil, and one coming up in secondary. The only method I have available, as far as I know, is to simply drop hop pellets into the carboy, let them sit for a week...
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    Wyeast 1469 - West Yorkshire

    Just brewed a CDA today. Used SafAle US-05. Have two smack-pacs of 1469 in the fridge. Considered using one for this - now I wish I had. Nothing wrong withe the US-05, but after reading what others are doing...
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    Pellet vs Leaf

    Just brewed a CDA today. 4 hop additions in the boil, and one to come as dry hopping. Have Pellets on hand. My plan is to dry hop with pellets when the time comes, then probably rack off again to another carboy, let it sit for two weeks or so to clarify, then keg. Don't know how else to dry hop...
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    Ever Run Out of Gas?

    Gauges on propane tanks are virtually useless. Propane in the tank is in a liquid state, and 'boils' off as you use it. Therefore, the pressure in the tank stays constant, right up until there is no more liquid in the tank, and then it falls rapidly. Same goes for CO2 tanks. Only true way to...
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    Carbonation Question

    Well, I checked the results this evening, and I am quite pleased. It's not overcarbonated, it is actually quite pleasing. One of those things I just have to learn. Quite an enjoyable hobby!
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    Carbonation Question

    Of course I turn down the pressure when ready to serve. I don't want the beer to shoot across the room! I guess the bottom line here is that I need to be more patient. After shaking the keg, then let it sit for another 36 hours or so at higher pressure, to drive more CO2 into solution. Then...
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    Carbonation Question

    OK. I am a home-brewer, who really enjoys the hobby. (That puts me in the majority, I'm sure!) I do have a question, though. I keg nearly all my beer. Have a three-keg refrigerator, with in-door taps. I'm basically lazy, and like to have the beer available without opening the fridge. My...
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    First All-Grain

    Been an extract or partial mash brewer for nearly two years. Took the leap, bought a couple of RubberMaid coolers which were already set up for all grain, and brewed my first all-grain batch today. I understand all the chemistry, so being here to watch it all take place was fun. Even verified...