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    WTF? Rosin in a beer?

    A friend found a beer recipe that his dad had from perhaps the 70's or before. Im tempted to try and make a small batch of it just to try (I'm sure it will be unique to say the least). However it doesnt have any hops in it and i believe it uses rosin as a substitute. Im assuming it is talking...
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    Figuring out hop amout of diffent strengths

    I have been "winging it" with my hop calculations. What is the formula for figure out the correct amount of hops of a different strength? For example: recipe calls for 1oz of 5% aa hops and I bought hops at 6%. How much do I need? I know I learned this in high school but damn if I can remember...
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    Urgent Sanitation question.. help please!

    Oxicleen free is the same thing as PBW.
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    How to get your wife to agree to let you buy another keg

    Um... tell her that home brew is 1)better then the bar stuff 2)Keeps you out of trouble. you are home to drink it. 3)Saves money 4) being home makes for more time with her. Or B!tch slap her and say "Woman I am the man of the house and i get what I want! Now get in that kitchen and cook me...
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    Mishandled bottles at checkout

    I have to say I have to side with the OP too. I did a brewery tour at Allagash and then bought 2 bottles to drink later. (I live in Portland ME so its not out of the way to go there.) But when I bought them the lady working the front tipped the bottles upside down to put them in the bag then...
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    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    I live in Portland too. My problem with shipyard is all there beers taste like diactyl (butterscotch). I think they are rushing fermentation a bit. If you don't know what it is you might not notice it, but once you do that's all you (or I) can taste. Fortunately Portland has no lack of good...
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    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    Lately that title would go to Shipyard's Applehead. Just awful.
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    Storing wort for stepped addition

    Want to know if anyone has had any experience or thoughts on this. I'm planing on making a super HG Belgian beer (in the 20%+ range). I'm planning on doing a stepped addition of it, about a gallon at a time. However the problem is i don't have the jars to can that much wort. do you think that if...
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    cider flavoring ideas

    I have made a mulled hard cider and that was awesome! I made 1 gal to try last year and now im going to do 5 this year. I just got a good quality mulling spice mix and added about a Tsp. Its going to go fast. This year I'm also going to try to make an "apple pie" cider.
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    Are there any Home Brew Clubs in the Southern Maine Region?

    I'm a member of a small Portland area club, Portland Mashing Maineiacs. It has a core of about 6-10 guys. if you are interested in getting on the e-mail list you can send an e-mail to [email protected] we meet the last Sunday of the month usually at a different members...
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    Pilsener taste overly rippen

    What he said. Listen to the Rev. He can talk to the brew gods.
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    dry hopping BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde?

    Im not looking to make it into an IPA, so i think that the the 1/4 oz would be nice touch. Im not going to worry if they are going to like it, i cant (don't want to) change bad taste. I have stopped worrying about that years ago, it just means more for me.
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    dry hopping BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde?

    Just wondering if anyone has done it? I have 2, 1/5oz bags of hops left over at the end and it seems a waste to let them go. anyone done it and with what? I'm going to be making some for our next "staff meeting" at the bosses lake house, and thought it would be tasty.
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    Any good Sangria recipes?

    don't overlook fisheye boxed wine. not bad and cheep if you are making a lot
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    Dry hopping kegged beer

    Has anyone ever tried dry hopping kegged beer? I think I want to dry hop some beer that's already carbed up. I don't think it would be that hard just wondering if people have had any unforeseen problems. Thanks.
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    Bad Zymurgy, bad!

    I have done this before with a stout and it tasted pretty good. you just have to keep an eye on the temperature so you know when most of the alcohol is gone. 170 I think is the BP. Yes I am kegging, mostly because I can. If you want to bottle just cool and repitch some yeast. There are a few...
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    Bad Zymurgy, bad!

    So I just discovered why reading Zymurgy when you brew is a bad thing. I was waiting for my boil to finish and I was reading about the toasted hops beer and I noticed something. This is an APA in here, I’m making an APA. This is a very similar to the recipe that I’m using too. I have a lot of...
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    Hops Air Freshener

    No suggestions for you except she is a keeper!
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    Dead dog??

    It least it wasn’t the hops. He should be fine. He will probably need to go out a lot more when it makes that far. I would just keep an eye on his eating and pooping and make sure its normal. And really how much can the dog eat? Sweep it up and make some beer. You are going to boil it...
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    Ferment Soda Pop

    Ha ha. Good luck.