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    Tell me why it won't work - aeration with compressor

    I know for a fact that commercial brewers use this. I was lending a hand at the Gordon Biersch in Virginia Beach and the brewer uses one of those sanitary filters to filter the air coming out of his craftsman compressor which he uses to aerate his wort.
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    Value priced aluminum stock pots

    I ordered the 40qt pot a while ago and it arrived yesterday. I did notice that if you fill it above the holes where the handles are riveted on, it leaks. I don't think this will have any impact on how I plan to use it since I won't need to fill it that high but it is something to take into...
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    Is there an easy way to get the Bayou Classic at near-stovetop height?

    I use a cinder block under each leg.
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    Do these pots look good to you?

    I got the dimensions on the 40 quart aluminum stock pot [TFH37X37] from Royal Palm The dimensions are 14 1/2" tall by 15" wide.
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    $17.99 Cornies

    I picked up 4 from them and they were all holding pressure which is all I really ask for. However, in the future I'll be giving insco2 (HBT member) my kegging business because of his excellent customer service.
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    Stainless Steel Auto Siphon

    I just broke my 1 year old auto-siphon this weekend attempting to swap the tubing out for a fresh piece. I'd be in for a stainless version.
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    Bayou Classic SQ-14 and keggle?

    I've boiled up to 12 gallons on my SQ-14 in a keggle. You should have no problems doing the same.
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    Good RSS Feed for Beer/Homebrew News?

    RSBS - really simple BEER syndication is an aggregate of beer postings and gets quite a few updates daily really simple BEER syndication
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    Irish Red, more like Irish Black!

    I just took a pint from the keg tonight and it tastes like chocolate. With this amount of roast there's no way I'm passing it off as an Irish Red. It's good, it's just not an Irish red. Thanks!
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    Irish Red, more like Irish Black!

    Well, I tried to brew the Irish Red recipe from Brewing Classic Styles and didn't take note that the 6 oz of Roasted Barley the recipe called for was 300L not the 675L Roasted Barley that I hurriedly grabbed and used. Needless to say, the beer is a bit darker than expected. Since it's on the...
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    Good beer glasses?

    I read about these on a blog. I wonder how much of a difference they make. I've also been trying to get my hands on one of those Sam Adams glasses but haven't found one locally.
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    3 gallon kegs?

    I sure wish I lived near your LHBS
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    scratched funnel

    Anyone have a source on a nice stainless funnel? Preferably a one-piece without any lips or crevices.
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    For Virginia brewers...

    Check these links out: Welcome to the Fredericksburg Brewing Insiders Both borrowed from Davidy Turley's blog at: Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day | Musings Over a Pint Oh and P.S. Go Dukes!
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    Brewers Best HopNog 2008...

    I was ashamed to post this but mine come out at 1.052 also.
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    Corny planters? CMON!

    Not a bad buy for those working on the flash boilers. Why cut up a good keg when you can get what you'd need for 4.95?
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    1 Gallon Glass fermenting jugs.

    They were 6.99 at the Whole Foods in Fairfax, VA. I got 4 but didn't know about the discount on a case.
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    Munich Helles Ale?

    So during the late May sale at AHS I picked up a munich helles kit for my first lager. The 6lbs of extra pale malt have been sitting in the closet at between 72 and 74 degrees for 2 months, the 1lb of Munich with .25lb of pilsner along with the 2 oz of Vanguard are in the freezer. I guess I...
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    Wort Chiller & Detachable Sink Faucet

    What about the water supply to your washing machine? It might be a pain to switch out if you brew a lot but maybe you could get a splitter?
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    BierMunchers Rolling Kegerator (BYO Published)

    I was wondering what the black stuff was also. I usually get hose that's just one size too small for the barb so it's really tough to get on and off and then clamp it if it's permanent.