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    How long is to long in secondary

    Hi guys, I have a batch that did about 3 weeks in primary and has been in a secondary for close to a month now. I was only going to do 2 weeks in secondary but I didn't have time to bottle it. Is 4 weeks to long in a secondary? It is a AHS Amber Ale.
  2. Z

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Hi guys, I made my first batch of Apfelwein to the instructions from Ed Wort. I let it ferment for close to 5 weeks. I carbed and bottled it a week ago. I sampled it after one week in the bottle. It had a really nice flavor but it tasted a little watery. I am wondering if this is normal...
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    How do you clean and sanitize your bottles

    hey guys, I am trying to think of ways to clean and sanitize bottles. The past two batches I have soaked them in oxyclean, rinsed well and run them in the dishwasher without soap to sanitize. Any recommendations on other ways to do it?
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Hey guys, My 4 year old nephew shook my Apfelwein carboy today. It has been fermenting for about 4 weeks now. When he shook it up it developed a foam on the top that went away shortly after. Will the batch be Ok?
  5. Z

    Ok to move to secondary?

    Do you think swirling it aroud a bit and leaving for another week (3 weeks total) might help?
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    Ok to move to secondary?

    It was a kit I bought. It had the following plus some hops. Extract: 7 lbs. Liquid Malt Extract, .5 lb. Base Grains, 1 lb. Specialty Grains. The fermentation tems have been 68-70. After the first day it got up to 74 and I had to cool it down but once it went down it stayed down.
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    Ok to move to secondary?

    My current batch has been in the primary for close to 2 weeks. The OG was 1.055. It has been at 1.020 gravity for about the past 5-6 days. The final gravity should be 1.014. It appears fermentation has ceased as the gravity has not changed in some time. Can I go ahead and move it to my...
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    Hops floating on top in primary

    Hi all, I used hop pellets on my current batch. I used finely meshed bags for the hops during the boil. One of the bags came open a little during the boil and some of the hops escaped into the wort. I didn't have a strainer so I didn't worry about it. I checked my primary today and saw...
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    Another turkey fryer question

    I was advised by my LHBS to use only stainless steel pots. I bought a stainless steel turkey fryer at Acadamy sports. It was more exspensive than the allmium one.
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    So good!!

    It is an English Bitter - basically like a Fuller's London Pride clone from Austin Home Brew. It was one of their extract kits with steeping grains and hops. The first kit I did was a Cooper's one that came with my brewing equipment. It was not good. I highly recommend using the Austin...
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    So good!!

    Well I think I have done it! My second batch has been bottled for close to 2 weeks and I am enjoying one as I type. I was just going to sneak one to check the progress and guess is REALLY good!! I am now enjoying a strange proudness and a sense of accomplishment that I have never...
  12. Z

    Second batch carbonated nicely

    Hey all, I bottled my second batch a week and a half ago. I tried one after one week in the bottles and it tasted pretty good. I think it still has some greeness to it that should go away after 3 weeks in the bottle. The beer had really nice carbonation at 1 week. The head on it was...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Thanks for the responses on the priming question. What I meant to ask is how do you prefer the Apfelwein? Do you like it carbonated on not? Its my understanding that it can be consumed with or without carbonation and that it is not bad either way. I am just trying to get some feedback on...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    What do you guys recommend as far as priming goes. I understand that you do not have to prime it if you dont want to but does anyone have any opinions?
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Does the carboy need to be kept at a certain tem (i.e. like beer) and does it need to kept in the dark when brewing Apfelwein? My house stays at the low 70s this time of year.
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Picked up my apple juice today. I bought Tree Top brand apple juice with no sugar added. It said it was from concentrate. Will this be Ok? There did not appear to be any additives in it.
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I am planning on making a batch soon. The recipe calls for 2 lbs of dextrose which, as I understand it, gives it the slightly increased alcohol content. If I wanted a slightly smaller alcohol content (6-7% ish) could I just add a little less dextrose and arrive at the same general flavor?
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    1st batch finished but does not taste good

    My Coopers Lager batch has finally carbonated. It was in the primary for one week, secondary for 2 weeks and primed in bottles 4 weeks. The beer carbonated after about 3 weeks in the bottle. The taste is just not very good. It has a green apple, tad sour/cidery aftertaste. This has been...
  19. Z

    Little spots of white floating bubbles

    I checked my secondary last night and I noticed little spots of white bubbles at the top. There are about 4-5 little areas speckled across the top. Is this normal?
  20. Z

    Racked to secondary and messed up

    The beer was done fermenting, however it never reached the expected gravity. It was at 1.016 for 3 days in a row. The target was 1.011. I tried to make the tube hit the side so the beer would run down in the carboy and not splash but I wasn't as successful as I wanted to be.