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    posted an ad on craigslist

    I got a simlar deal I paid $100 bucks...
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    Painting your carboy

    RDWHAHB!! Brew On!
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    Northern Brewing! - Aquarium heater

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    First "real" beer brewed and fermenting!

    The Nottingham yeast will continue to ferment the fruit for longer than a few weeks I'll bet keep your Hrydro handy and check it. I would also sugest racking it a third time to aid in clearing then adding some Lager yeast and moving it to a cooler climate for a month or longer. MMMMM sounds...
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    Northern Brewing! - Aquarium heater

    I fement in the celler of my house I just checked the temp of my porter and its @ 50* the yeast is Nottingham ale bubbling slow but it fermenting. I did the same thing last winter its the smothest porter I've ever brewed takes bout twice as long but well worth the wait.:drunk:
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    Frozen beer?

    Drinking lots of yeast at the bottom of your bottle will give you the runs but not frozen beer...:drunk:
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    So Ive been looking at the recipes here...

    Please post it I would like to brew that clone..Thanks! :off: Hey do you get you brew supplys @ The Red Salmander?
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    Frozen beer?

    I let one freeze made the brew very smooth.. RDWHAHB!
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    What style is most accepting of "all extract"?

    Looks Yummy, I would through a big chunk of bakers choclate in the last 15 min. of the boil..MMMMMMHH!:rockin:
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    My new kegarator

    Hey, Ya got a part's list for that co2 gizmo? I just got my kegarator going and was wondering how to make that very item,Thanks..
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    Good brewpubs in South-East MI?

    Michigan brewing co, Last time I was there the staff was not to friendly though.
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    Brewing with Questionable Water Quality

    Hmmm, That something to think abought..:rockin:
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    How long...

    Oh abought 2-3 weeks for me unless my buddy's come over we wiil kill a corny in a few hour's.. :tank:
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    a few questions about fermentation

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    Holy Poop on a Stick!!!

    Good luck..Brew it good and they will come.. :drunk:
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    Holy Poop on a Stick!!!

    Good luck..Brew it good and they will come..:drunk
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    4 pints and I feel drunk.

    Light wight's...:D
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    This Can't Be Good

    Go ahead pitch more yeast can't hurt..
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    This weekends brew - Porter

    Sound like win er my mouth is watering..:D