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    Custom 6-pack carriers, any interest?

    I have a bunch of milk crates I use for storing bottles. I don't remember exactly what they hold, but it is close to 20 I think. From the enthusiasm of the responses it looks like I'll just be making a few for myself. Thanks for the responses.
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    Custom 6-pack carriers, any interest?

    I got a good deal on a cnc router so I'm coming up with ways to combine it with my other hobbies. 6-pack carriers are trendy now, so I made a mockup of two different styles. I can easily engrave a name or logo on the side, which looks pretty awesome. I don't like the shape of the upright...
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Yeah. Its a beer inspired by Trump. Its a joke. A damn good joke. I actually love that it is an "Indian" pale ale. Subtle, but hilarious to anyone who knows beer and politics. @jubuttib I don't know what is going on with your label. Which is name of the brewery and which is the name of the...
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Needs more 'merica. And gold. I kind of like this. Maybe scratch out Indian and write in "American" Pale Ale. I might make a new label with your idea just for kicks. Edit: Bored, can't sleep. Made this: and this: edit 2: Still playing. I like this better.
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    DIY Mash Tun Question

    Almost every valve sold anywhere is safe for potable water. There are probably several in your house that your wort water comes from. A quick wash/rinse in dish soap will get rid of any excess gunk and you'll be fine. Recently in the US all brass fittings had to have their lead content...
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    Label Creating Software

    I don't know anything about beersmith, but can it export an xml of your beer's info? If so Open Office could probably use a python script to pull all of that info out and dump it into a Write or Draw template. If it can export any kind of document with your beer's info I'll see if I can make...
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Illustrator is still being terrible, but I managed to make this happen. It is really hard to put any text in the head -- it is always hard to read. This lets you play with just the logo or text and rework it to whatever you are doing. The font is Geared...
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    I'm attempting to work on this, but my computer is being terrible. I tried to switch to Affinity Designer recently but certain features are completely broken and unusable. So I decided to go back to Illustrator. Now Illustrator crashes about every 5 minutes. It may take a little time to figure...
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    Would you mind if I take a crack at this one? I have a slightly different idea that might work if you aren't committed to your concept. This thread has gotten much bigger than I ever thought it would. This community is awesome. I wish I could get more involved, but it looks like I don't need to.
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread

    This would probably look pretty cool, but the cats require attribution to use legally. Do you have something else you might want to use?
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    Leaking keg, I think it may not be repairable

    If the threaded nipple is cracked you can get someone to drill it out and weld in a new one. SS welding can be a pain, so it might just cost less to get a new keg. I'd probably try getting it pretty hot with a torch and melting solder over it (keep it hot so it doesn't lay too thick on the...
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    Label Removal Thread

    I've said this once before, but anyone who hasn't tried oxyclean should probably do that. Even tough labels fall right off after a soak. Baking soda works pretty well, but its not as effective as oxyclean.
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    Show Us Your Label

    This is great.
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    Names Other Than "Brewery" or "Brewing Company"

    Why not just "Nick's"? Look at some of the biggest brewery's names. They don't explicitly tell you they are a brewery. That much is obvious since you are already looking at a beer with their name on it.
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    My label for the BACK of the bottle

    Why is the scale on the chart so narrow? Its not clear when the indicator overlaps both the floor and ceiling of the scale.
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    Open source label design app

    Some people make labels in MS Paint. It all depends on what you want the end result to be and what you want time you want to invest into learning. If you are looking for something not quite as intimidating as Gimp try
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    Are all 19/32-18 ball-lock posts the same?

    That makes sense. The only difference I can imagine is if the nipple is slightly taller/shorter and the poppet would then need to be slightly shorter/taller to compensate. Can anyone with a little more hands-on knowledge point me in the right direction?
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    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    I have cider that is about 1.5 years old and it is still great. I never bottle-carb anything any more. This is by far the best way to fill bottles quickly and consistently.
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    Are all 19/32-18 ball-lock posts the same?

    I need to replace the ball-lock posts on my corny keg. I've determined that they are 19/32-18. A pair is on sale here but the Q/A section says they'll only work on kegs that originally had pin-locks. I don't know what mine originally had, I just know that they were ball locks when I got them...
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    The "We'll fix your label for you" thread I check this site out on a regular basis. It is a great place to find inspiration. One thing that amateur designers like to do (not implying that I know anything) is add too many things. A good label is not necessarily minimal in its design, but minimal in its...