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    Planning a Single Tier Build

    When I built my Brutus inspired single tier rig, I used 2" square tube with .060 wall and it's worked great, very easy to move around on casters, not heavy at all, the 2" x 1/4" is likely similar or lighter weight than 1" x 1/4" wall pipe (easy to enough to lookup). If you're using gas, a...
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    Help Choosing an RO System

    Below is what I got when I had a reef aquarium, it can make 75 gallons per day and uses large standard sized cartridges for easy and affordable changes. I would use an all plastic float valve mounted in dedicated...
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    need help designing a homebrew set up.

    Your choices are really dependent on how much you want to spend, if you're planning on brewing in your basement, it would probably be a good idea to look into electric brewing as burners are typically outdoors only. A source for electric components is: Good luck in your...
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    Who uses an Stand Up Freezer for Fermenting?

    The probe is taped to the bucket or conical inside of the freezer about half way up (so there' liquid on the other side), the tape helps make a barrier from air, so it's more accurately reading the temperature of the wort/beer inside of the vessel. If you got a thermowell and put the probe...
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    Who uses an Stand Up Freezer for Fermenting?

    Setup is very simple, plug the fridge and the heater in to the controller and adjust your settings accordingly. I didn't want to drill my freezer, so the temp probe and heater cord are taped tight to the freezer at the wall. Some air gets through, although not bad, it's only an issue when I...
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    Did you do a "test run" ?

    If you have pumps, hoses, domed kettles bottoms, etc. which will cause you to lose liquid along the way, then a good idea to do some measuring/compensating beforehand, although I wouldn't worry about using rice hulls or the such. The key is to adjust your recipe for any losses associated with...
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    1st Brew! Irish Red

    Probably won't be the best beer ever, but it will still be beer, so enjoy! Next time you'll want to make sure you have means of bringing the worrywort to a boil. Also, there's a lot of good opinion here on the subject, although I would strongly suggest moving away from using a secondary...
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    Help me in getting lowest possible final gravity with big beer

    You may want to read the following article, it expands on the adding wort over time idea: The author used it to create a 21% ABV beer.
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    How soon can I secondary?

    I regularly rack from primary to a keg after 1-2 weeks (usually after 2 weeks). If you've pitched the right amount of yeast and controlled the temperature the beer will be fully fermented and ready to carbonate by that time. I almost never secondary unless I am adding fruit, it's nothing by an...
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    Where in this wiring diagram?

    To add a master keyed switch, you could add it inline with the blue/teal wire prior to the distribution block, this would prevent the PID from turning on, so the heating element could never turn on. The diagram is already showing a switch for the pump, so that's covered, unless I am...