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    Needed! your thoughts on my dipa recipe...

    So my brother asked me to brew a double ipa that is pretty piney, but I also want a little more complexity. Any thoughts on the below recipe? I've never used chinook, but I want to give it a try. Thanks in advance!! It will be a 5.5gallon batch using a partial boil. 11# light lme 1.5#...
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    leaf hop "problem"

    Two days ago I brewed a double ipa that contained about 4 oz leaf hops from late additions (in addition to some pellets). It was my first time using leaf hops, so I did not think about straining the wort. It's been 48 hours and fermentation is pretty active and I have about 4in of leaf hops...
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    Looking for feedback on IPA recipe..

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Looking for feedback on IPA recipe..

    Here it is. Seeing as I'm new to brewing, any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 2.2 gallon batch; 3gallon boil 4# LME 12oz sucrose 3 oz crystal 15 3 oz crystal 75 0.3oz summit -- 60 min 0.3oz columbus - 20 min 0.3oz cascade - 20 min 0.3oz falconers...
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    Do you have a guilty pleasure beer??

    Miller highlife 32oz can!
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    Double IPA recipe help

    I'm a new brewer, and so far I've only brewed a few batches (recipe kits). I have an empty Mr. Beer keg (~2.2 gallons) that i'd like to utilize while my 5g carboy is in use. This will be the first recipe that I've created. Any suggestions/advice for my DIPA? Thanks in advance! malt &...
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    First IPA recipe

    Hey folks, I'm new to brewing (done a couple extract kits) and wanted to get some input on my first ipa recipe. I have a dipa extract kit going in my 5 gallon carboy, but I have a mr beer keg sitting around that I'm wanting to do something with in the meantime. The batch will be ~2.2 gallons...