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    Is more than a week too long????

    Since it is a wheat, no need to go to secondary. I'll echo what others say- Let it sit in there at least two weeks before bottling. Your beer will taste and look better sooner after bottling.
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    Recurring off-flavor

    Are you drinking it too early? Just because a beer has carbonated doesn't mean it is ready to drink. I always like to give the yeast some time to clean up after itself.... even after the work it does to carbonate in the bottles. If I don't wait a few weeks, I always find what I describe as a...
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    From Dallas with... Beer!

    I'm also about an hour east of you. I like to head over your way every couple of weeks or so. Good to head over to Central Market and buy different kinds of specialty beers, and then stop by the Richardson LHBS to pick up odds and ends....
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    Greetings from Coastal Georgia

    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a good situation with SWMBO, don't lose that :) I love Jekyll Island- we try to go there about once a year in the fall, and we love us some Spanky's seafood :) Tried to make it up to Savannah this year to go to the Moon River Brewery, but never got to :(
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    North East Texas

    Sounds good! Is the cider different from EdWort's Apfelwein? The bock sounds neat.... I don't have the capability to lager :( Right now I have a West Coast Pale Ale in the bottle. For some reason, it is carbonating very slowly. About to bottle an IPA. It is a monster- highly hopped and...
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    New guy from Louisiana

    I used to live in Monroe.... that's where I got part of my nickname :) I guess they're getting geared up for the Mardi Gras parade over in WM...
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    North East Texas

    I'm in Sulphur Springs.... Do you want to trade brews sometime? I'm pretty much out right now. Getting together with friends the past month really put a hurt on my supply :)
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    38 days still bubbling..

    I did a raspberry wheat a while back (4 lbs of frozen raspberry dumped in primary). Everything was still after about a week in primary (which included an explosive fermentation of wheat+fruit), so I racked to secondary. After about a week in secondary, I started seeing a fairly constant stream...
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    Brewing in Tallahassee,FL

    I guess "extract brewing" would be best.... That usually refers to using either DME or LME (and maybe a small amount of grain steeping) and adding your own hops for the typical 60 minute boil. It is a good next step for you, then you're on your way to partial mash....
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    Any light or just sunlight bad?

    I've always understood that it is the UV that does the damage. Of course full sunlight would be the worst. From what I understand, flourescent lights can also crank out the UV also- People will use flourescent lights for inexpensive artificial greenhouses.
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    maybe i'm paranoid

    Definitely let it age in the bottles for a while.... And if you want to avoid bottle bombs, after about 2 weeks of being in the bottle, move them to a fridge. If this is your first batch to make, be sure to set aside at least a 6 pack to drink in about six months. In the mean time, get busy...
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    North East Texas

    I'm about an hour east of Dallas. Anyone else on here live east of the Metroplex?
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    Samuel Smith- Making the butterscotch

    Does this sound like a good game plan: 1. go with a samuel smith winter warmer clone 2. Pitch a highly flocculant yeast (such as the ringwood listed above) WITHOUT a starter 3. Ferment at about 75 degrees (internal temp including exothermic heat) 4. Rack off the cake in 4-5 days to...
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    Samuel Smith- Making the butterscotch

    I've been sampling some overseas brews lately, and my wife and I really liked the butterscotch flavor we tasted in Samuel Smith's Winter Warmer and Oatmeal Stout. The day after I tried the Samuel Smith, I was just glancing through Papazian's book and saw the section about diacetyl production...
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Just made 6 more gallons (without the extra dextrose): 3405+6= 3411
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    infection in secondary??

    Yes, your beer is fine. But it sure does look like mold, doesn't it? Made my heart fall the first time I ever saw it on a beer. That beer turned out to be my best so far. So I consider the little yeast parties on top a good luck sign now ;)
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    Austin Homebrew - Difference between "Gold Seal" Extract Kits and others

    I just want to say that I love your store! I live in TX, but not within easy driving distance of Austin. I do live close enough to drive to a LHBS but I'd rather pay the $6.99 shipping because your kits are put together so well. Plus, I always receive my order the day after you ship it. I...
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    Austin Homebrew - Difference between "Gold Seal" Extract Kits and others

    You're going to love the pumpkin ale! I got this a couple of months ago from AHS, and it is my favorite so far. I only put in 2 small cans of pumpkin puree that I got from the grocery store. I really can't identify a pumpkin flavor when I drink it, so you may want to put a little more than...