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    Room temperature homebrew...

    I have developed a fondness for room temperature beer. Years back I worked at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. My first season, my dorm room didn't have a fridge, so for months I mostly drank what the McMurdo store sold, mostly New Zealand ales like Speights and Tui, at room temperature.
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    Sulphur Aroma and Flavor with Wyeast 3942

    I made some beer using Wyeast's PC 3942. As I sampled during fermentation, it smelled and tasted great. Spicy on the nose, a lot of bubblegum flavor. I didn't notice any sulphur. Now that it's kegged, there's plenty of sulphur odor and a little flavor. I've never used a Belgian yeast before...
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    Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat

    3942 is said to be the strain from De Dolle Brouwers, who produce some of my favorite beers. Wyeast has it available this summer. Has anyone used it before?
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    Whats the Weirdest Flavor (or Ingredient) you have brewed with

    I've used several ingredients that I've foraged here in Alaska including fireweed, fireweed root, wormwood, yarrow, crow berries, watermelon berries, birch leaves, birch bark, roasted carrots, pumpkin seeds, dandelion root, rhubarb. It's been pretty hit and miss, and most of the failures were on...
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    Whats the Weirdest Flavor (or Ingredient) you have brewed with

    Glad to hear the oysters impacted the beer in a positive way. I've thought about doing it, and there are a couple oyster farms nearby and I often use local ingredients.
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    Bag-in-a-box/Beer Engine

    Thanks, McKnuckle. I hadn’t seen these, but they’re cool. I appreciate the reply.
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    Bag-in-a-box/Beer Engine

    Thanks a bunch for the feedback, McKnuckle. Sounds like part of my problem is I’ve been conditioning at room temperature just as I bottle conditioning. I’ll lower the temp and see if that works. The venting shouldn’t be a problem either, though I had worried that if I let the Co2 escape, that...
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    Bag-in-a-box/Beer Engine

    Hi friends. I was hoping some of you might have some helpful guidance. Has anyone else used bag-in-a-box for conditioning and serving homebrew? I love a good cask ale, though I live in Alaska, and before the pandemic there were only 2 places in the state that served beer through a handpull, and...