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    Most overrated beer

    Oh do I hope you're wrong. I haven't been home in years, but 3 Floyds is my all time favorite brewery.
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    Hydrometer-v- Refractometer

    I don't own a refractometer and have only used it to take measurements along the way in a commercial brewery. I think a lot of brewers are doing more harm than good with them and should use a hydrometer instead.
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    Off flavors in IPA but not brown ale

    Did you use tap water? If so, what you're chlorine. Malty beers hide it more.
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    To dry hop or no?

    If that's a 5 gallon recipe, you're going to have a boozy IPA. Whatever it takes to chill that out is probably to your benefit.
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    Best yeast washing procedure for harvesting lager yeast.

    Because yeast multiplies as it ferments, so you have more yeast cells when you're done than when you started. Best procedure I've found is a mason jar and a sanitized soup ladle. I also don't think overpitching matters so I probably pitch more yeast than some would think necessary.
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    How much yeast do you REALLY need?

    I have never had a beer fail to ferment or have a stuck fermentation. I generally use dry yeast but my NEIPA I just made with liquid yeast and no starter (1.066) was done after 3-4 days. I fail to see the point of all this concern over pitch rates. I've had similar luck with repitched...
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    MIAB - Sparge or Squeeze?

    I can say that squeezing is definitely worth it. I've measured the gravity of the wort from squeezing and it was higher than the gravity of the wort in the brew kettle at the time.
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    "You're a lucky man" Grrrr

    I would be tremendously flattered if I was in your circumstances, even if the dudes were creepers. Maybe we're all just little boys inside, but whether you've known her for 5 minutes or 26 years, getting to hang out with a hot chick never really gets old. It's kinda the reason we're all here...
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    Lowering IBUs

    80 IBUs is high for American IPA. I agree with the result you're trying to get. I'd reduce the 60 minute addition to 1 ounce or so and throw the rest in at 5 minutes (or even flameout).
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    What brewery are you visiting?

    I love the bulldog statue across the street!!
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    Adding back body to overattenuated English IPA

    If you add a bunch of fermentables to raise your gravity and bottle, you're going to make nothing other than bottle bombs. Don't worry about your final gravity and enjoy your beer. You won't be able to tell the difference anyway. Nobody pours a nicely carbonated beer into hydrometer cylinder...
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    First BIAB - Very low OG

    I don't see anything about water chemistry or mash ph, so I'd start there. Calculations of efficiency require precise volume measurements as well, but I agree with others who say that 70% or perhaps even higher is possible with BIAB without anything special. Avoid dough balls and mash for the...
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    Best NEIPA hop combos

    I made a beer recently with Columbus in the boil and hopstand, and Citra/Galaxy in the dry hop, and it's really good.
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    Disposal of 1% Hcl Acid Solution

    Acid is mostly water anyway
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    Unreasonable Sense of Entitlement. The scourge of modern society.

    I state it as it is, too! There's plenty of retailers. If someone's going to complain about having to do some legwork in response to delayed or lost deliveries, then find another retailer! It's really that simple. These aren't one off custom hand built products; it's retail. Competition...
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    Reusing Yeast: Wort Gravity

    I think the answer to your question is normal starter gravity. But there's a simpler way to do this. Just take a portion of the yeast cake, put it in a sanitized mason jar, store that in the fridge, pour off the cold crashed beer from the top and pitch the slurry. There's really no reason to...
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    Help with an APA stall

    I would let it sit for a few more days. I've had beers I worried about, but I've never had one that didn't finish out to an appropriate gravity.
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    Unreasonable Sense of Entitlement. The scourge of modern society.

    And you call your customers entitled?