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    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    count me in
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    My Frigidaire Kegerator Build

    i have just finished mine today. i put a two tap tower on it but my pipe line is dry so i have a 1/4 keg of yuengling on tap right now
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    So this is confusing to me....

    (25" Tall x 9" diameter - 27" tall with the disconnects.)
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    Dip tube brush supplier?

    i know has one for sale for i think 3 bucks but i dont know if it is the size you need or not
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    Is my beer (Brew House) ruined?

    so how far due you haft to move a shed when you get a hurricane warning on cable?? i must of missed that part
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    So why go perlick?

    i just ordered 2 thanks for the link with shipping that is still under the price i would pay for just the 2 faucets not including the shanks too.
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    set and forget question

    the light only comes on when you open the door:D i don't think that will work as a power source
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    Whats good for taking the sticker goo of sankees?

    i use a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and hot water. peel the face of the sticker off spray the glue let it sit 10 min. use a green scrubbie and all the glue comes right off. works great on wall paper too.
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    oxygenation system questions

    wcrooker thanks for the info. the instructions never said anything about cleaning so i was not sure what i could use on it beezy i just went for a kit because i could not find a regulator for the oxygen tanks. they are left handed thread
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    oxygenation system questions

    just a couple questions the system i bought did not come with a oxygen tank when i went to the store there was only one brand of oxygen tank to pick from it was bernzomatic. on the back one of the warnings said do not inhale cylinder contents. gas in cylinder is not approved for internal or...
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    Corn recipes

    you could try bm's cream of three crops. i have 10 gallons in the fermenters right now
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    How much light to skunk a beer? hears the link to the video basic brewing did.
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    Best Practice for carbonating/storing kegs?

    I think there is a way to prim a corney keg just like one big beer bottle. You use DME or corn sugar to carb the beer. after adding the DME put the lide on and seat the lid with co2 and the beer will carb just like a bottle primed beer.
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

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    Earliest Time it is "Acceptable" to drink on brew day...

    I only use glass carboys so I hold off drinking until the boil on brew days. Other then that I work 3rd shift so I will have one or two brews before 7 AM. There is nothing wrong with have a beer after work:mug:
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    drunken ordering?

    I remember the post I am just bad when it comes to spelling
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    drunken ordering?

    how many are guilty I am on a tight budget. My friday is on thuresday night.friday morning I wake up to two e-mails for order confermaions that i don't remeber placeing!! I know i wanted the things that I ordered but at at a later date. :D Because i just ordered them I guess that i haft to...