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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    What's wong with Chaos UK? :) I went to school in the mid-80's and my cousin was really into punk, he turned me on to a lot of great bands. Even now English Dogs, Minor Threat, Christ on Parade, and misfits are some of my favorite bands, among others. I still love old, hard, dirty...
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    Punk Rock and Hardcore

    Glad to see Subhumans and Exploited got mentioned a few pages back, used to listen to them constantly. There were other great English and European punk bands from the 80's era also: English Dogs (Madd Punx, is a great album), Broken Bones, BGK (From Amsterdam), Chaos UK, and Motorhead...
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    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen

    Username: surfbrewer
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    Favorite overall Craft/Micro?

    I'd have to go with Stone, I love their beers. Also good: Firestone Rogue Chimay I could go on forever....
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    Congrats to Pol!! His setup is featured in BYO!!

    Not to step on The Pol glory but another HBT'er was featured also, B-Dub. Congrats go out to both of these guys, well done. Cheers
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    Homebrewin' Podcasts?

    They re-did the Cider show and the new one has some great info. In fact all they really do is interview a guy (can't remember his name) who makes cider and apparently wins a lot of comps with it. Good info and worth a listen if you're into Cider. And, as far as the BN shows go I have to say...
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    CO2 Aluminum Tank : trade in or have it hydro tested?

    This is just my experience with my local gas supplier....When I need to get a refill I have them swap out the bottle, this keeps me from from ever having to pay for a hydro test of my own or pay the hydro charge that they charge for turning in a tank that needs hydro (it is common practice I...
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    When to Use Keggle

    I would wait and I certainly wouldn't advocate trying to carry the full amount of hot liquid up the flight of stairs. Now, if you could get something large enough to submerge you pot in down stairs it might be worth it but even then, trying to cool that much liquid by using an ice bath would...
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    How much Grain will a 10 Gal. RubberMaid hold?

    I've been using a 10 gallon cooler for years, like 10 years, and the only damage that has occured from heat is to the exterior when I let it get too close to one of my burners:drunk: Other than that I has performed wonderfully. Holds a constant temp. and is easy to clean and use, I don't see...
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    Brewery name?

    I like the Bench Top Brewing, has a good ring to it. Also, as brewing tends to involve a lot od DIY projects it gives a nod to that aspect of the hobby as well.
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    I've searched the forum...

    +1 I do a PBW soak also but many people have posted good results with Oxyclean.
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    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    I've found that just the displacement caused by the racking cane leaves almost the perfect amount of head space once it is removed (on most bottles anyway). I have rarely gone back and added more once extracting the cane.
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    What are you drinking now?

    Sierra Nevadas' new ESB and Torpedo "Extra IPA" - Both are good although personally I like my ESB much better. The Torpedo is delicious. As the beer warms a bit the hop character really starts to come through and is excellent, only for the hop heads out there. I've got family in town and were...
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    Was anyone a lot better looking a few years ago?

    All I can say is its a damn good thing I'm happily married:p I've been on a diet since the new year and I've lost 5 lbs. so far, only 15-20 to go and I'll be back down to a pretty decent weight, although no where near where I was back in my 20's. Oh well, I love the brew what can I say:drunk...
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    Obama is a dick

    Thanks DB that was a nice surprise...
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    Happy Birthday, Deathbrewer

    Cheers Brotha, here's to ya! :off: You gonna be at NHC?
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    Slow Sparge??

    +1 to what Mutilated1 said. You want to float the grain in instead of adding water to your grain. Other than that and the possibility that you are draining too fast, although I used to batch sparge with false bottom and would whack it wide open all the time without problems, your system looks...
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    opening the container to sneak a smell?

    Is that food grade plastic? And are you using an airlock? As for taking a peek, the less you expose it to the elements the better off you will be, less risk of infection. But, after it has had a chance to create some alcohol you run less of a risk of contamination. The most prudent route to...
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    Slow Sparge??

    I would call that a stuck mash, even though you were getting some liquid. What type of false bottom do you have? Are you crushing your own grain or is your LHBS doing it for you? What style are you making? Your sparge sholud be done slowly unless you are batch sparging, but all night is...