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  1. J

    Connecticut 20 gallon AG setup

    Sorry.. keeping the fermenters. I have a bunch of carboys and a 22 gallon stainless conical I built from a Toledo hopper. I still make wine and other stuff. :tank:
  2. J

    Connecticut 20 gallon AG setup

    I'll let you know... I'd like the system to stay together but if it does not move I'll split it up. Thanks
  3. J

    Connecticut 20 gallon AG setup

    Downsizing.. Please see CL ad. Looking to get $1200 for what's in the ad. Thanks for looking. :mug:
  4. J

    Joe's Ancient Orange Mead

    3 gallon batch made up last night... My first attempt at Mead. Very curious! I was surprised that the yeast took off after 10 mins and was still bubblin away this morning. Smells delicious! After a few months I'll bottle and forget about it..
  5. J

    Keg Storage

    Make sure all the gaskets on your keg are in good condition... if not new. A small leak will drain all pressure over time.
  6. J

    Help with my brewing water profile for a Bavarian Weizen

    You're filtered tap water has a Total Dissolved Solids of 490?? I'd be curious to see what unfiltered levels are. US EPA maximum TDS is 500 mg/L. Granted these are National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations which are nonenforceable... rather just guidelines. But still... thats pretty high.
  7. J

    De-hydrator for hops...

    Me too... fan seems to work great if they are nicely spread out.
  8. J

    Rig Build - Day1

    I run my wok on my bayou classic.... friggin awesome.
  9. J

    WLP 810 San Fran Lager

    Never used this yeast before... brewed yesterday and ended up on target with an OG of 1.058. I didnt have a chance earlier in the week to get my starter going so I made it during the brew session. Starter OG was 1.05. I put in on the stirplate and off she went, fermenting like crazy. So, I...
  10. J

    Glycerin and Yeasties - is this stuff safe?

    Thanks... what about cooldown before the freeze? Should I put the vials in the fridge overnight to temper?
  11. J

    Glycerin and Yeasties - is this stuff safe?

    I bought CVS brand Pure Glycerin to prepare my yeasties for freezing.... Some people on the forum have said to buy the kind that is safe for ingestion, however, this stuff say's "For external use only." Is it safe to use this stuff? I'll be freezing 20 mL of yeast solution in test tubes, so I...
  12. J

    Drying hops--with an air filter sandwich :)

    I did that, and at the same time had a bunch layed out on cookie sheets with a fan blowing on them... the cookie sheet bunch dried more quickly.
  13. J

    15 gallon equipment

    I paid $270 for each of my 100L at a local restaurant supply store last year... LHBS always marks up a bunch.
  14. J

    My Big-Build Thread

    Thanks... Partial gravity because I like this layout with 4 vessels. The rig is fairly compact considering its capacity, plus, one less pump to buy.... *but* I may go single tier in the future. I'm stockpiling stainless square tube to some day build a stainless stand. Since this is my first AG...
  15. J

    My Big-Build Thread

    She's finally home... plumbed the burners and brought the rig from my workshop to its final resting point. There's three burners, the largest of which is on the boil kettle, far left. 32 jet propane from MoreBeer. Ten jet burners are on the HLT and the HERMS vessel. For now everything is...
  16. J

    Northern Brewer Rant

    Got my flask and stirbars from Cynmar. Good prices, fast shipping.
  17. J

    My First Experience w/ a Cool Cop @ a Traffic Stop

    May I ask why? Unless you whipped up some crazy stereotype about my driving, I've offered no evidence of ANYTHING that wouuld have to do with insurance. (yes, me being the... ahem.. "other poster")
  18. J

    My First Experience w/ a Cool Cop @ a Traffic Stop

    Cruising in my 1970 Corvette... Turn at a light and its about 1/4 mile to our family business (and my workshop), so, naturally, I step on it. 450 hp screaming through my 2 chamber flowmasters... right by a cop. I pull into our yard, wait for the electric gate to open, and just as I pull...
  19. J

    Pilot First AG Batch

    Do yourself a favor and go buy a cooler.. build a MLT that works well and make the move to AG. Bite the bullet and do it. ;)