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    Aspects of Brewing a Wheat Beer

    Hey guys! I love the Wheat Beer you can get at Sons of Kent! They are located in Southern Ontario and are expanding dramatically! the best wheat beer from them I would say is the Berry White! Here is the website if you guys wanna check it out!
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Perhaps reading this can also be interesting :
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    Fatty Oats

    O.K. Next time I'll do a protein rest at 131-137° F range to see the result . Hector
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    Fatty Oats

    Thanks for your reply . I should say that when I use my pale malt with crystal malt and do the protein rest , there is a thick layer of foam at the time of aeration and very good head retention in glass . But , when I use dark malts and grains , something different happens ...
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    Fatty Oats

    O.K. Would you please read the following thread which I wrote in another section of HBT and tell me your opinion about this problem : Hector
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    Fatty Oats

    If I wouldn't do a cereal mash with instant oats , how would their starch content be converted to sugar ?! What do you mean by "certain oils" ? I always wash the Carboy carefully before using . Hector
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    Fatty Oats

    There are instant oats and flaked Barley available to me . Are regular flaked oats the same as flaked Barley ? Do they need to be cooked before using in the mash ? Hector
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    Fatty Oats

    Hi there ! I use instant Oats for brewing Oatmeal Stout and I found out that these oats have 9.25% fat and this leads to problems by head retention . Are all sorts of instant oats the same ? Should I substitute them with flaked Barley ? If yes , then should I cook flaked Barley...
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    Just a little Foam !

    Aha ! Got it ! I took a look at the instant Oats Container and come across "Nutrition Facts" . It's printed as follows : Serving Size : 40 g Total Fat : 3.7 g per Serving So , it has 9.25% Fat ! Does it mean that the instant Oat which I'm using is not suitable for making...
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    Just a little Foam !

    Do we really expect some sort of oils beside Starch and Proteins from Oats ?!! Hector
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    Just a little Foam !

    I'm not talking about Kreusen . All I said is about the Wort before pitching ! Hector
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    Just a little Foam !

    Hi there ! I'm brewing a small batch of Stout for the second time and my problem by this and the previous batch is that there is very little Hot break at the beginning of the boil and just a little of foam as I shake the Carboy vigorously for aeration before pitching . I used the...
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    Same Hops for bittering and flavor

    Hi there ! I'm going to brew an Oktoberfest batch for the first time . Can I use "Hallertauer Magnum" Hops for both bittering and flavoring ? If yes , how much would you use for each purpose ? Batch Vol. = 0.5 Gallon O.G. = 1.056 Hector
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    Noobs Question on Steeping

    A good way is to keep the steeping bag in water (2 qts of water/pound of grain) for 30 minutes at 160-170 F . NEVER press the bag after steeping , if you're using dark grains as steeping grains . Otherwise , you'll get lots of Tannins which make your Beer Astringent and harsh . Hector
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    Free Online Beer Chemistry Course

    Just signed up as hector . Hector
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    Can I prepare iodophor liquid myself from chemicals bought at a local store?

    I never keep this solution so long because it loses its effect by time . It is effective as long as it has a pale yellow color and you smell Iodine odor from it . Hector
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    Can I prepare iodophor liquid myself from chemicals bought at a local store?

    It's not so painful as you think . There are some places in the World where Homebrewing is MUCH harder and painful than you can imagine . Just listen to the following Podcast and you'll see what an expert from "Five Star Chemicals" recommends for sanitation . He recommends Not to use Bleach...
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    Sulfur smell

    Hi there ! I'm brewing a small batch of Wheat Beer for the first time , using bread yeast . It's on the second day of fermentation and was fermenting vigorously on the first day . It's still fermenting but not so vigorous as yesterday . Fermentation Temp. = 64 F Today , I noticed...
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    Get rid of printings !

    Hi there ! I'm going to use barrier tubes ( Beer lines ) for racking the Beer , because I have always plastic taste by using vinyl tubes . How can I get rid of the printing on the barrier tubes ? Hector
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    Boiling iso-alpha Acids

    Thanks for the Reply . It's not fermented Beer . The manufacturer does the mashing , then the Wort will be boiled . Then it's filtered and diluted to 1.019 . Then Hops Extract and some acids are added and at the end it's force carbonated and bottled . In fact , I did once a small test and...