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    How do you measure wort pH during sparging?

    The way I always measure pH is using a metal mixing bowl inside a larger plastic bowl filled with ice water. Put the sample in the metal bowl and swirl it while it's sitting in the bigger bowl. Takes 15secs to cool it to 60-70..
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    How to make AMAZING IPA

    Sounds like it could be water related or tannins. An oz of bittering shouldn't make it ridiculously bitter.
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    Methods for Removing Oxiclean Residue

    PBW leaves a slick residue on my equipment after draining it and rinsing it a couple of times. I rinse it with Starsan after and it gets rid of it easily.
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    What is causing this off flavor?

    I've been having the same problem with off flavors. Beer will taste great before kegging and will eventually get the sherry, fruity flavor and turn a lot darker. I looked through various forums for weeks and all signs pointed to oxidation. I am extremely careful transferring beer (closed...
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    No power to element.

    Sounds obvious but did you hit the pushbutton to energize the contactor's coil?
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    Wiring Sanity check

    I think you are going to need a little more detailed pics of where the wires start and end (especially the black wires) . It's hard to tell in the big bundles exactly what wire goes where.
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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    The video looks like when they were at the pub before Hurricane Irene took them out. The system he is using in the video is a lot different than what he is using now. They made many different beers when they were at the pub so who knows what beer they are making in the video...
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    Modobrew's Electric Brewery Build

    What size HERMS coil did you get? I'm building a HERMS system right now and have the exact pot (Concord 80qt) you do. I bought the 14" coil from stainlessbrewing and it just barely fit in the pot. I had to put the coil into the pot with compressions on and thread the nipple through the hole...
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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    Went to the Alchemist again today. Outta beer until Monday but got a teaser sample. Took a picture of what looked like some sort of yeast harvesting container. The fermenting conicals were all hooked up to the big collection container. The fermentor closest to me was set at 72 deg.
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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    I bought one a couple months ago. I still haven't gotten to use it yet. I found the can while I was read Scott's site He got a 150g can according to his post but it equalled around 26 hop shots. When you order a Hopshot from...
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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    Instead of buying hop extract through Northern Brewer, save some money and buy a can of it here:
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    Brew Cave Under Constrction

    At the Electric Brewery site, this is Kal's reasoning of mounting the probes at the output:
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    My first competition score sheet is in.

    Thats what I was thinking. Isn't that way too much? Wouldn't the mash pH be really low using that much and having roasted malts in the grist? That's 10% of the grain bill. Does it have a tart taste to it?
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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    Veganbrewer, cool video, looks very similar!
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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    Bobbrews, I can't PM you any more!
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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    I couldn't really see where the hoses and stuff were going to from the keg/pump combo. I'm assuming it must have been the conical. It looks like the keg is a bottom draining vessel. I wonder if there is a false bottom or something in it and they use it as a hop rocket type thing. At one...
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    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    Went to the brewery today to pick up some Heady. Noticed one fermenter at 54 and the one right across from it was at 45. They were brewing that day and when I got there it was around 4. Anyway I got a pic of a portable pump that had a keg on top. They were running something into it and back...
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    Low efficiency on brew day - question

    One thing you can do to see if you are extracting all the sugars from the grain during mashing is look at this chart from Once you are done mashing recirculate just to get the liquid from below the false bottom mixed throughout (recirculate maybe ~10secs) then take a gravity...
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    Heady Topper

    Maybe you could dry hop/secondary in a bottling bucket/better bottle and use the valve on the bottom to push CO2 through.
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    Heady Topper

    I think one dry hopping technique that really helps with the aroma is rousing the hops during that time. In Mitch Steele's book, the El Jefe recipe says to rouse the hops 2-3 times with co2 during a week. Vinnie from Russian River also uses this technique described in the Zymurgy recipe for...