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    Barley Crusher for Flour?

    I did some web searching, but couldn't find much information. I'm curious, could use my Barley Crusher for grinding wheat berries into flour? Also wondering about corn and other grains, and whether the gap can be set small enough. Thanks.
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    Hop Allergy?

    Keep an Epi pen on you.
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    To Build or Buy?

    I got a 50' 1/2 inch chiller from for less than $100 shipped. You might be able to build it for a little cheaper, but everything is soldiered and ready to go. It chills 6 gallons down to pitching temps in 10-15 minutes. Plus I wont have to worry if I ever start doing 10 gallon...
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    How much Oxi Clean per 5 gallons?

    I use about half a scoop in a 5 gallon bucket when I'm removing bottle labels. I use even less for normal cleaning because higher concentrations are harder to rinse. A little seems to go a long way.
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    is this worth it???

    If it comes with everything in the pic, it's an awesome deal.
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    If I..Could Save Yeast..In A Bottle.......

    Kids are pretty smart sometimes. I save my yeast in regular 12 oz bottles, but put an airlock on each. That way I don't have to worry about bottle bombs, even though it's probably fine to cap them. I also save about 1 liter of wort each time I brew and freeze it. Making starters is easy, I just...
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    clarification regarding removing labels with oxyclean

    After using oxyclean, you're going to want to rinse it off the bottles (inside and out) before putting beer in them. You'll also need to sanitize them. Read some of the threads on here about cleaners and sanitizers.
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    Yeah, stay all extract, it is easier...
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    Free Beer Software

    The $20 or $25 it costs for Beersmith is well worth it.
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    Erlenmeyer Flask or Mason jar

    I've been making starters in an empty 2-liter bottle for several months. It's been working great.
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    I would say go all grain. It's easy, and way more fun....
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    Giving homebrew to a bar?

    Yeah, the beer has to go through the three tier system (brewery to distributor to vendor). But maybe this won't apply if they have this "government shutdown" they've been talking about.
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    An idea for aerating wort.

    Pour it through a strainer. Filter all the crap out. Introduce O2.
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    Brand new!

    Yeah, you can't really go wrong with a starter kit. Even if you do go on to all grain, nothing in the kit is really "wasted". You'll just keep buying more and more things lol. You will eventually want a wort chiller, but when I did extract I just used frozen water bottles. I got my wort chiller...
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    Two tries with a new false bottom, two stuck sparges!!!!WTF??????????

    I use a CPVC manifold in a converted 52q cooler and have never had a stuck sparge. I usually don't even bother to vorlauf. It was about $5 to make, I batch or fly sparge depending on how I feel.
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    Rookie Lesson for the Rookies

    I would say yeast is quite resilient. Beer has been made for hundreds of years. I would assume the methods back then were much less accurate, as far as measuring was concerned, and also less sanitary. Still they made beer.
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    Poor efficiency on first batch?

    I just started fly sparging and have been getting about 80% efficiency. I always sparge with water thats about 170 because it does a mash out, and gives the runnings that much more of a headstart to the boil. I also tend to think that hot water will wash out sugar faster than cold water will...
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    Seriously reconsidering going all grain

    I started AG brewing about 3 months ago, I wouldn't think about not doing it. It takes about 4-5 hours for me for a 6 gallon batch. I also heat all my mash/sparge water inside and boil outside on propane. There's no way I would do all grain inside.
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    How much cocoa to add to oatmeal stout?

    I added a whole can of hersheys cocoa (8 oz I think) for 10 min in the boil. It also had 6 oz. of cold brewed coffee. Came out awesome.
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    Blow off bucket

    I just use water for my blowoff tubes, since they get swapped out for an airlock after 2-4 days. I use an old glass apple juice container about 1/2 full of water. I had to put it onto a bucket the other day though when I had a SMASH beer pushing krausen through the tube. It was a safale-04 wash...