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    Le petite orangé

    Yes, a half ounce of bitter should be about right.
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    Saison Dupont attempt with 3724

    Just so you know, the details of Dupont are fairly well-known. The gravity is 1.054, made entirely from Pilsner malt (Belgian or French), hopped twice with EKGs and Styrians to about 32 IBUs, and is 6.5%ABV, which puts the FG at ~1.005.
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    See recipes at Austin before buying?

    Because a recipe is just a recipe. Stores don't make that much money on ingredients, there's no incentive to be secretive.
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    Danstar Yeast: New Vacuum-packed Sachets Big price jumps all around
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    First Lambic. HELP!!!

    Intentions or not, don't use dregs from a dirty bucket. Unless you intentionally introduced a commercial culture to that bucket, you've more than likely pitched enteric, acetic, and other unpleasant bugs. The kinds of things that are desirable in a 1-3% proportion.
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    Just did the biab 2row SMaSH

    So you used a ratio of 2.88 qts/lb? Grain usually only absorbs 20% water. Did you measure all your volumes accurately? It sounds like you used too much water or didn't get enough efficiency/extraction. 18 lbs of grain in 10 gallons will only give you about a 1.045 wort, and that's with 70%...
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    Accidental Mash at 164 - in progress, can I save it?

    It'll convert real quick that high, with heavy emphasis on dextrin production. Alpha-amylase stays active up to 165ish. If you get it down to the mid-150s within 20 or so minutes, you can still get a little bit of beta- action, though not much.
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    Just did the biab 2row SMaSH

    Do you know the boil-off/evaporation rate for your kettle? Otherwise the pre-boil numbers are meaningless. Without knowing how much water you evaporate, you have no way of knowing what to expect for a pre-boil target. What was the recipe? Water:grain ratio? More information is needed to help...
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    MoreBeer Orders

    That was what made me think it was your first time.
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    How to Control Fermentation Temp

    81 is far too high. Fusel alcohols will be produced in massive amounts, along with tons of fruity esters.
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    MoreBeer Orders

    So, wait, you haven't brewed anything yet, and you're convinced you want to "do AG?" Take it one step at a time, man.
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    Gordon Strong's New Book

    See, but I posted more than "haters gonna hate," I actually contributed to the discussion.
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    Recipe Design: Hops

    This is why recipe calculation software is so useful. That way you can account for the differences in your bittering hops. Anything past 20 you probably don't have to worry about.
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    Good Saison Recipe - Difficult To Find

    First off, if you're looking for "true farmhouse Saison taste," start with beers actually produced in farmhouses, not something from Philly. Second, get a copy of "Farmhouse Ales" by Phil Markowski. I'm personally more of a fan of the dry, pils-style saisons like the classic Dupont, than the...
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    Belgian Strong Dark Ale - Cloyingly Sweet out of Primary

    FWIW, Prior 8 is more of a big dubbel. Splitting hairs, but Abt 12 is their BSDA.
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    National Homebrewing Day - 'Big Beer' Event

    That's gonna be a sweet, boozy, one-dimensional beer. Good luck!
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    Belgian Strong Ale got infected...pitch bugs and fruit?

    This isn't a sour beer, though, it's an infection. They are not the same thing! OP - what was your sanitation technique? I'd imagine that's where the problem lies.
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    Gordon Strong's New Book

    Great contribution to the thread!
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    Gordon Strong's New Book

    I read this book in most of one night and returned it the next day. To me, there's nothing new in it. I know it was a few pages back, but just because someone enters some ridiculous number of beers into competitions doesn't mean anything to me. The dude clearly has a narrow view of brewing...