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    Looking to Upscale

    That sounds good!!! But from time to time, I make some high gravity beers, and I would like to be able to do them in 10 gal batches too. Does anyone know if and where I can find a 15 gal igloo beverage cooler?
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    Looking to Upscale

    I want to move from 5 gal to 10 gal batches. I am not sure what equipment changes or upgrades I need. I know I need at least a 15 gal pot, but I'm not sure if my 10 gal igloo mash tun can handle 10 gal batches. Any suggestions?
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    Flavoring Question

    I am planning to make a Vanilla Baltic Porter. I am just not sure how I am going to flavor it. I have had an idea to put pure vanilla extract in the last few minutes of the boil, but not sure how much to use and how long to boil. I have also thought about using vanilla beans in the secondary...
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    Getting repeatable - Your top 3 styles

    I would say that my top three would be an AM IPA, Cali Common, and a Wheat IPA
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    baltic porter

    I have made a Baltic Porter twice now. The first time I brewed it I did not hit my gravity and the ABV was lower than expected, but I used a lager yeast but fermented at a low ale temp. It turned out great. I just re-brewed it with a british ale yeast and hit my gravities(9.2 ABV); just bottled...
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    Your first time. (if you can remember.)

    My first brew day was almost exactly 3 years ago. I had a Brewer Best IPA kit. I tried to do a full boil on an electric stove. I followed the instructions step by step. But no one told me that I needed to top off the finished product. I had 3 gals of pretty good beer, but it was strong. I had...
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    homebrew goes fast!

    Homebrew goes fast!! I remember when I started, me and my wife would go through a batch in like 6 weeks. But i got lucky and found out that she couldn't drink due to being knocked up. I built a 4 tap keezer and started kegging soon after. I have had it full once in two years... I can bearly...
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    What does your HBT name mean?

    I played rugby all through college and still dabble in it from time to time. A rugger is a term for a rugby player, and I love to brew!!!
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    Grain Mill Issue

    I recently ordered and received my grain mill. I have used it a couple of times but I am having a problem with stuck sparges, and this last weekend I could not even lauter out of my mash tun to get my first runnings. Now I know that my crush must be too fine. I was just wondering what is the...
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    New Homebrew Club Noblesville

    If you are interested email me [email protected]
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    Type of Fermenters

    I have recently broke one of my glass carboys, and now I am considering switching to the better bottle plastic fermenters. just wondering how people feel about them?
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    New Homebrew Club Noblesville

    Started a brew club in Noblesville called the Noble Hopsmen of Indiana. We are only four members, but are looking to grow. Have meetings out of homes but want to move to Barley Island as we get bigger. :mug: Brew, Drink, and Be Merry!!!
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    Where are you at INDIANA

    We brew in Noblesville. Even started a club.
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    How to fix your Corney!!!

    I am having a problem with a leaky keg. It is leaking from the base of the post when under pessure and the poppet doesn't reset after it has been depressed. How can I fix it?
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    When to Add???

    I want to add brown/ simple sugar to a batch that I am planning. I just don't know when to add the sugar, during the boil at ???mins or in the primary? And I am not sure how to calculate the sugar will affect my OG. Some help please!!!
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    Oak in my Brew

    I want to add oak pieces to an Russian Imperial Stout. I am just not sure how much or for how long to get a good aroma?
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    How much do you brew??

    I try to brew at least one batch every 2 weeks, but sometimes I brew more.
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    I'm addicted!

    Don't worry it may get worse. But it's a fun club to be a part of.
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    First all grain 1 question

    I am an all-grain brewer. I only have I kettle. I just heat my sparge water about half-way through my mash and pour that into a 5 gal drink cooler until I am ready for my sparge.
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    Anther failed attempt

    The best advice I can give is... keep trying. The worse thing a new brew can do is get discourage and throw in the towel. I would also suggest if you know someone with more experience brew with them, that way you can ask questions as you go. You may also want to try a pre-made extract kit...