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    First All-Grain & don't want to screw it up!

    Rice hulls excellent idea! White wheat sounds good. I am gaining confidence with every reply. I love all the advice you people offer, thanks
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    First All-Grain & don't want to screw it up!

    Yes ,Good advice, I will Just buy the yeast for the first one. I just love the citrus aroma and taste of oberon. What do you think of putting orange zest in the secondary? worth it?
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    First All-Grain & don't want to screw it up!

    I Have been wanting to try a a.g. for a while now and found this recipie for a oberon clone. Grain Bill 5 lbs. - 2 Row Pale Malt 5 lbs. - Wheat Malt 1 lb. - Munich Malt (get the lighter stuff if you have a choice) 1/2 lb. - Crystal Malt (10L) Hop Schedule (28 IBU) 1/2 oz - Northern...
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    how could I ?

    Well after getting back into homebrewing I have almost drank all my first batch of pilsner that I brewed and I love the flavor! But I went golfing with my bro and he bought some commercial made beer and I had a hard time drinking it down, it tasted weak, watered down and had a blaaaah type of...
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    Finally got to open one!

    Pilsner was extract, the american lager was extract with speciality grains. Someday I will move on to all grain. I remember sampleing the pilsner before I bottled it and thought it tasted nasty and whould not turn out very good at all, man was I wrong. Paitence is not something that comes...
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    Finally got to open one!

    well after a break from brewing of about 16 years, I finally got to crack open one of the pilsner's I brewed in mid Febuary. Wow That's what I am talking about! I forgot how good homebrew could taste. I know it's only been in the bottle for 3 weeks, so I know it will get even better, but it is...
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    lager ready for diacetly rest? I think

    I know this has been covered alot,and I hate to ask butt... I brewed on march 1st so it has had 10 days in the primary. the o.g was 1.042 and the f.g is supposed to be 1.010 and I just took a reading and it is @ 1.012. I have a white fermenter bucket so I can't see inside when the lid is...
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    Just a little longer
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    Lager Smell

    Man I hope so! Cause right now the boss has not said anything but after she walked downstairs I can tell it is coming. And in this wanna-be brewery if the queen aint happy.....none of her peasents are either!
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    Lager Smell

    Well after last night when the fermentation on my lager took off within the first 2 hours I was excited.I made a starter from a wyeast 2035 propagator pack pitched it @ 6:15 pm and by 8:15 the airlock was starting to move, by 11:00 it was going wild and the scent coming from the airlock was...
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    Anyone Brewing on this lovely Sunday night?

    The kit is called "This Buds For You" it also says on the box "the name says it all". Flyboys3
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    Anyone Brewing on this lovely Sunday night?

    No Did not have a stirplate, I just gave it a swish whenever I had a chance. where can I find more info as I have a couple old computers and love to tinker!
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    Anyone Brewing on this lovely Sunday night?

    Nope you are not alone, I just put the lid on the fermenter @ 6:15pm. My first try at a lager. "This buds for you" kit from midwest. My first with a starter also, I was amazed to see the airlock bubbleing by 8:15pm WOW! The smells from brewing are just what the house needs on a sunday. Flyboys3
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    conflicting starter instructions

    I am getting ready to try my hand at a lauger. when I purchased the kit I decided to try a wyeast 2035 pack, now for the problem I ordered the wrong pack I got a propagator pack and not a activator pack. Well I have no local brew stores in my area, so what the heck I have to make a starter the...
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    Moving Pieces (kinda Long)

    Hello Again, I have a batch of True Brew Pilsner that sat in the fermenter for 1 week, the airlock was showing sings of fermenting for the first day and half then it stopped. still I waited a week as per the directions and racked it to a secondary even though the directions said this was not...
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    Hello Everybody

    I have had a batch of True Brew Pilsner in the fermenter since friday. planning on trying some type of lager next. I have to have it all ready to get out for the upcoming Detroit Lions'll help I hope.
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    If you have the time I have the questions! 1. I started a batch of "True Brew Pilsner" on friday night and it was in the fermenter around 8:00 pm. when I checked it in the morning the airlock was working (bubbles) then saturday night late it stoped and has not bubbled since, is this bad? 2...
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    Hello Everybody

    I just wanted to say hi from west michigan. Finally got a break in the weather the last weekend the sun feels nice! I brewed my first batch of beer back in 1993 after seeing an article in a magazine for a brew kit from Bierhaus International. They turned out pretty Good, But then life began to...