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    Under Sink connection for garden hose hookup?

    I'd also buy a GHT cap for a little extra protection from the valve getting knocked and accidently turning on the water under your sink....
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    BIAB vs. Brewing with Mash Tun, Hot Liquor Tank, Sparging etc.

    I'll share where I ended up and how I got there. Started out homebrewing in college, extract. Went to All-Grain fly-sparging with a bona-fide Zapap system from Charlie Papazian (still have that bucket that I drilled hundred of holes in; it hold kid's bath toys these days). Then to cooler...
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    Keezer Cooling Options

    I also believe your foam issue is line length and that it is hard to dial the foam out by adjusting psi because of the time it takes for the CO2 to come out of solution. Keep venting the keg and let the gas re-adjust and see how that works. Nobody says you need to use a CPU fan, you can buy...
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    120v EBIAB systems 5 gallon batches (for apartment) - recommendations

    if there is nothing magical about 5 gallons, you can scale that back to 4 gallons and probably boil with only one 120V circuit.
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    Introducing Fermentation in a bag.

    those freezers don't have compressor humps? Is the grey part at the bottom part of the freezer or an add-in by the brewery?
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    Introducing Fermentation in a bag.

    yep, exactly what I was! Thanks for sharing that.
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    Introducing Fermentation in a bag.

    I'm glad you resurrected it, because I was thinking of this very thing and remembered a thread about it a long time now. I have a very small chest freezer (5cf?) and fermenting 10 gallons (2 buckets) requires me to stack them in there so they are off-set to one another and also to take door off...
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    Skipping traditional mashing?

    One other idea is to brew a smaller batch size....less water to get to mash temp. I do 4 gallon batches, I use a 1500 element, a reflectix insulated kettle and a recirculation pump and it takes maybe 30-40 minutes.
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    March Pump thrust washer issues

    Email March Pump and they'll send you a few gratis, or at least they did for me a few years back.
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    Dedicated Garden Hose Valve At Kitchen Sink

    Use on of these to add a second supply line to the line under your sink: You will need a shutoff (hose bib, or ball value if you have a way to lock it in the closed position) for that second line, From the valve you would have anoteher...
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    If there was only one yeast left on earth, and it was dry...?

    Jeez, lighten up Francis.... Whaddya doing, collecting data on your honors thesis for Prepper school?
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    Grain bill for a NE Style Hoppy Pale Ale

    I don't think it has to be overly complicated...You can probably go with just pale malt or 2-row and flaked oats and be good...Add in the flaked wheat if you want to get fancy, and t Simple sugar if you want some more ABV
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    show me your pully setup

    Thanks for this thread....My first BIAB I puta folding ladder over the kettle and hooked the rachet to that. My strainer/bag combo just barely cleared the rim of the pot. Now I think I'll hook up to the garage door track like alot of you are doing.
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    Need your advice on steel building storage for the barrels

    I don't see why not assuming you insulate and control humidity just like with any other structure.... However, asking a question like this here is like a asking a family doctor how to repair a prolapsed heart valve. Kind of out of the pay range of most hobbyists here!
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    Looking to build out 1st brewing setup

    You could do this, or you could add malt and hops and actually make wort to ferment into beer instead of a bunch of hot water! Just a thought... Just go with a SWAG of 1 gal/hr boil off rate...
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    Looking to build out 1st brewing setup

    Go this way and its a good chance your equipment will be moth-balled or on Craigslist after a year. You just don't get the results anyone is looking for without adequate temp control. Period. I think alot of folks want to get into the hobby for cheap, make sub-par beer and think its their...
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    Looking to build out 1st brewing setup

    My recommendations: 1. Buy capacity for 10 gallons batches from the outset, even if it means not being able to afford the "fancy" type kettles....especially if you are even a little handy you can drill the holes yourself. I've used nothing but weldless fittings with no problems. 2. Knowing...
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    Anyone install a LP tank at their house?

    We just changed propane delivery/suppliers after upgrading our cooktop from electric to gas/propane. We also have had a gas insert fireplace for years. We run our gas fireplace almost every night during the winter (we are in Southern Maine) and on/off all weekend. We typically fill our 60lb...
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    Starter from last harvest

    I'd see what Friday brings...that fact that you pitched your screw-up and its fermenting normally indicates that the screw up didn't screw you up that bad. I never see active krausen when I use a stir-plate anyway? Assuming you had semi-clear wort and now its murky indicates that you have...
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    Bottling and Kegging - The Best of Both Worlds

    If OP is really bottling off 3-4 6 packs from a batch, I would think dosing individual bottles with syrup would be way more work than calculating the amount of priming sugar needed for 2.5 gallons and bucket bottling half the batch the conventional way. I see the merit of this method for a few...